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Gray on Mendo: “You’re Not Going to Find Anybody More Hard-Working”

Vince Gray on Phil Mendelson

Mayor Vince Gray has a new D.C. Council chairman to work with, or clash with, as the case may be.

And at an event touting the District's new social media initiative this afternoon, Gray tried his best to get things off to a good start between his administration and new Wilson Building heavyweight Phil Mendelson, who was appointed by the council to the job Gray used to have. (Mendelson, of course, filled the vacancy left behind by former Chairman Kwame Brown, who resigned last week and pleaded guilty to bank fraud and campaign finance violations.)

Gray's thoughts on Mendo and the council vote:

I give them high marks on selecting someone who I think will do an excellent job. I worked with Phil Mendelson my entire time on the council and I’ll tell you, you’re not going to find anybody more hard-working than Phil Mendelson. Many people know my work habits, which are, uh, late into the night. There were many nights when I left that building as a chief council member, as a council chair, and now as mayor, that Phil Mendelson is still in that building working, so they will get an earnest effort from him, from someone who is very experienced.

What Gray didn't comment on, perhaps not surprisingly: Whether Mendelson would make a good mayor, which is what he'd be if Gray leaves office before his term ends in 2015.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Truth hurts

    The press shouldn't print any comments from Gray while he refuses to answer questions about ,orruption.

  • DT

    "What Gray didn't comment on, perhaps not surprisingly: Whether Mendelson would make a good mayor, which is what he'd be if Gray leaves office before his term ends in 2015."

    You call this journalism?

  • Throw The Book

    Obviously this is payback for Orange exposing Kwame Brown's financial problems which led to him being booted off the council.

    There is no way in sam HELL that a guy who no one cared to mention as doing good work two weeks ago, now gets the praise from all councilmembers

    Good Doggy Mendelson, sit down, shut up, be a puss and if one of our guys gets booted off, then we will bring you in!!

  • Jimbo

    What else is he going to say? Mendo will be the next mayor when Gray is forced out.

  • hymesb

    Gray was working late into the night...no doubt. It is what he was working on that is the problem. Sneaky sneaky sneaky.

  • Really Now

    GRAY STOP KISSING AZZ. You know Mendo is a LAP BOY. Are you playing nice to him because you know that he would be the one to replace you once you are forced to resign? You just couldn't stand to see VO in that spot, huh? Don't get me wrong, I dislike VO just as much as I dislike you but we all know that Mendo was strategically placed in the chairman's seat.

    VO - Don't be so angry. You are nothing to honk at in the area of ethics. You have your own investigative issues going on. You are just as guilty as the rest. You had the nerve to say that the money orders you accepted from Jeffrey Thompson appeared strange. But nonetheless you accepted them and have been for years.

    All you guys need to go and when I say guys I'm talking about those butch broads too as in Cheh Man, Alexander the Linebacker, and Bowser the Soft Butch.

  • cutthecrap

    @Really Now...Didn't you say Mary Cheh was your type in a former thread?

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Susan

    @ Truth Hurts - You are oh so right with your opinion.. I can not wait until Vince and Lorraine are behind bars...

    Wondering how the lottery contract plays a part in this madness

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