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Mendo's courts the council with his slow hand ; VO says he's in it to win it [AP]

VO proposes legislation that would lower his family's taxes, doesn't see any possible conflict of interest [WAMU]

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Who will be council's ceremonial No. 2? [NBC4]

Pastor says Mendo too white to be next in line for mayor [@pastorpwalker]

Some modest suggestions for cleaning up D.C. council politics that will be totally ignored [Post]

White people, moving in [Post]

A least one person thinks that ethics board pick Robert Spagnoletti has too many potential conflicts of interests [Post]

Still no pre-k for all [GGW]



    Interesting the Debonis Post story on Spagnoletti left out that he defended the murderers and cover-uppers of the most famous gay murder in DC history. People who defend murderers are not good people. Guess WAPO is trying to whitewash his history. http://www.whokilledrobertwone.com

  • Throw The Book

    I can count on my fingers the number of times Phil Mendelson has been on Loose Lips the past two years before Kwame pleaded Guilty.

    Do people honestly think that he is qualified? If so why?

    If he is qualified, why has he never ran for the chairman position? Or any other position outside of at-large?

    I honestly see Mendelson being Chairman as a last wish from Brown. Because pound for pound, I honestly do not see him beating Orange in an election.

  • drez

    The most serious issue with Orange's proposal isn't that his wife is a teacher, it's that it favors one class of municipal employee over another.
    What will the police, nurses, firefighters, etc say? When they want to be excluded from paying local taxes, what will we do?
    IMO his proposal is discriminatory as written and unaffordable as would need to be amended and expanded. And I'm pretty sure VO knows this, which makes it hollow pandering.

  • Ward 5

    Oh sure.... VO is the man. He's pitting Govt employees against each other by proposing that the ONLY group why received raises in the last 6-8 years now should pay no taxes if they live here and that group just HAPPENS to. E a group his wife is a member of..... SURE VO is the one we want.... WAKE UP DC!!!!

  • RT

    If our city government was competent, Tommy Wells or Jack Evans would be the chair. Mendo is terrible. So is Michael Brown.

  • Sick of slick

    Dres... What makes it EVEN WORSE, is that HE KNOWS it wont work but wasted time proposing it ANYWAY all to what?,?, Was this a campaign promise, is he trying to get their support in his next campaign? We all know he is a serial candidate. He's been running for any and everything since forever. So I can only assume he's campaigning on Govt time which brings us FULL circle to exactly what we are TRYING to get rid of in this Govt now. The excuse of "the other person did it so it should be ok for me too" has been played out around town and I'm sick of hearing it!!! VO, YOU TOO are part of the problem! So WHAT you asked that the guy you were running against be investigated. That's what you SHOULD have done weather it benefited you or not. You don't get to HOLD OFFICE because of it.

  • DC5

    Why would you attack a defense lawyer who wins an acquittal when the blame belongs on the lazy and incompetent police who botched the investigation (tunnel vision, anyone?) and the uncreative prosecutors who failed to present credible evidence convincing beyond a reasonable doubt? Anyone who attacks a champion of liberty for doing their constitutionally-mandated duty of zealous representation in our adversary system neither understands nor appreciates our constitutional rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights. Yeah, Ed Meese didn't believe in the Fourth and Fifth Amendments either until he was a criminal defendant. “People who defend murderers are not good people.” REALLY? John Adams defended British soldiers accused in the Boston Massacre before there WAS a Sixth Amendment. It is a fine tradition, and defending the unpopular is one of the noblest of undertakings.

  • Ward7Sorrow

    I for one am a teacher, and I applaud Orange for taking up for teachers because everyone else seems to not care. I cannot believe you all have the audacity to hate on teachers after what Fenty/Rhee have done to the school system.

    How could you deem this "discriminatory" and your insulting those who are responsible for our kids future.

    No one complained about the furlough days for gov't employees?

    @SickofSlick Orange has been there just as long as, Mendelson,Graham, Catania, Evans, Gray etc. So why is it that you dont have a problem with them but you have one with Orange? Oh....because he is a black politician, because he continues to want to bring his leadership to a large community? Or because he isnt complacent like the other councilmembers and are SCARED like other councilmembers and want to stay in power like Jack Evans, Cheh, Mendelson, and Catania.

  • Drez

    It's discriminatory because it plays favorites with classes of DC Government employees.
    It's hollow pandering because people are bright enough to know its discriminatory and therefor it won't go anywhere.
    VO knows this too. It's a classic election year stunt and really shows very clearly how little he respects both municipal employees and voters.

  • Jimbo

    Have the medical marijuana dispensaries opened? Tommy "I'll have another" Wells as chair or mayor? Really? You've got to be smoking something

  • Name

    The problem with Tommy is that he wouldn't know which way to piss without gravity helping him out.

    Mendo's not really any better than Orange; they both pander to Ward 5. Mendo just panders to rich hand wringing whites in Ward 3 as well, where VO works slimy Ward 8 church pastors with 6 figure, DHS funded salaries living in mansions in PG/MC.

    Neither will do anything about DYRS, WMATA, the negative trajectory DCPS has taken since Rhee left or the overabundance of people getting paid to do nothing on the city payroll.

    That's not to say there isn't a choice; certainly further embarrassing Long Time Residents with a White Mayor will be amusing and will give Courtland Milloy a lot of material and probably fund a new boat with increased pageviews.

  • SEis4ME

    @Drez, It's discriminatory because it plays favorites with classes of DC Government employees.

    But that has long been happening. Teachers and police officers receive homebuyer options that those who aren't in that profession don't.

    In many areas, teachers who decide to go into poor-performing areas have the option to have their students loans waived (or to some degree) if they agree to remain in these schools for x amount of time.

    I want my loans forgiven to. Well damn, I'm being discriminated against.

  • let’s talk

    @Drez the average teacher in DC makes 50K, where can you live in DC off 50K w/29% of your salary going to taxes and benefits, the tax break encourages teachers to stay in DC, and encourages them buy properties and have more steak in the education system, we will recope the loss income taxes in property taxes, in addition every profoession has perks...RNs are garunteed three years of employment w/ MedStar if they attend gtown, in health care if you work for a non-profit 50% of your students loans are forgiven, its not discriminatory....it addresses a particular problem this body of teachers is facing

  • Throw The Book

    @let'stalk I am so glad someone gets it!!!

  • Drez

    Shameless, hollow,, pandering.
    It'll never pass for the reasons I've noted above, and VO knows this.
    It's nothing more than a cheap election year stunt.

  • Throw The Book

    @Drez he's gotta better chance than DC becoming a state so why the hell not? Overall its the right thing to do.

  • Sick of slick


    Do you think you, as a teacher was treated worse than ANY other agency during Fenty/Rhee? At least you GOT a raise. I am not knocking teachers, my sister works for DCPS and I call her a survivor for making it Thurs Fenty/Rhee. I am a firefighter and my brother is a police officer. We haven't had a raise in a million years (exaggeration of course) and have been working FOR YEARS without a contract. Do you think we should continue to work under these conditions while you have a contract, a raise AND pay no taxes? And who will pay for you to live tax free? The police and firefighters who have been working for 6-8 years without a raise? Or do you think we should just move out of DC if we can't "afford" it anymore.

    You see VO has you ready to live tax free no matter WHAT the cost to residents or your co-workers at arms as long as you "get yours" and THAT is why he won't have my vote. His color is of no importance to me but the fact that he is just like the rest of them while at the same time claiming he's not like like those people is. The fact that you don't see how idiotic he sounds has me praying you live in Md or Va....