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Mendo v. VO is on like Donkey Kong [Post]

VO could run both for chair and in at-large race [DCist]

Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown will be making not one, but two court appearances today [Times]

Kwame said he'd make a comment yesterday, and here it is [CD]

In praise of Kwame's education work [Post]

Vince Gray rejects David Catania's offer to start talking or resign, calling it "nonsense" [Blade]

"The fact is, you city pols are not CEOs, music moguls or ballers. You don’t get to live like them. There is nothing sexy about the D.C. Council, so stop trying to make it like that." [Post]

Loud-mouthed TV dude relives glory days and opines on Kwame case, which he knows nothing about [David Simon blogDCist]

That being said, the feds need to cough up some details today or they'll prove loudmouth correct [Examiner]

Tommy Wells says his council colleagues still don't get it [WUSA9]Councilmembers angry [Examiner]

D.C. pols, listen to Kojo [NBC4]

The dark cloud [Post]

In so many ways, Kwame is no Marion Barry [Post]

There are other places just as corrupt, Congress [Post]

Ron Machen is "smarter than" corrupt pols [NBC4]

DSLBD: DC is open for business [DSLBD]

  • Throw The Book

    From the comments I have seen on the WaPo articles, people are really pushing for Mendelson as chairman...

    Seems a bit Biddle-Like IMO. Mendelson has never ran for chairman but because there is a special appointment and Cheh, Wells, Evans, and Catania want the progressive groups on top, they are vouching for Mendelson.

    I say we break the city into two groups, Wards 1,2,3 and 6 have a chairman and 4,5,7,8 have their own chairman. Therefore the progressives can keep their special stuff for their communities, and the native washingtonians can keep their system going.

  • joan

    @Throw The Book - GET OVER IT !

  • Throw The Book

    ...... @joan Get over what?

  • womanizer

    I used to love the name Kwame. I don't anymore.

  • StrangeFruit

    Mendelson is less corporate connected and corrupted than any of the councilmembers.

  • watchingtoo

    They all have stolen and will continue to steal. They all seem to be somewhat twisted and perverted.

  • Throw The Book

    @StrangeFruit why because he is from Ohio? Can you even highlight 10 things that Phil Mendelson has done for the city?

    You almost forget he is even on the council. But thats what you want right? As long as corporations dont know the guy then your cool?

  • Twister

    Throw The Book, what makes you think Ward 4 would want to be bunched in with Wards 5, 7 and 8?

  • Throw The Book

    Because they have a black politician. Pretty much that's what everyone keeps harping on right? White politicians & Black politicians. Why not give residents, and the media a taste of their own medicine and hold both races accountable and make it known they are doing good or messing up!

  • StrangeFruit

    @ Throw The Book,

    Something to think about and I'll do my research on this one.


  • Terry Miller

    Corruption comes in all colors. As does honor and compassion. I hate it when my fellow white people start talking about black politians in DC as if they are the ONLY corrupt politicians. All this is bad, but we must remember a time in this country, where the white vice president (Spiro Agnew) had to resign and was replaced by Gerald Ford who in turn replaced the white president (Nixon). I guess we should have given up then and returned to the British Empire because obviously, we yanks couldn't govern ourselves...

  • Mary-Austin

    @Throw the book

    The problem with that proposal is that citizens of Ward 5 like myself would be stuck with self important politicians that do nothing for their constituents.

    "The fact is, you city pols are not CEOs, music moguls or ballers. You don’t get to live like them. There is nothing sexy about the D.C. Council, so stop trying to make it like that." That pretty much sums it up from the Post.

    I guess on the bright side Wards 1,2,3,6 would finally have a chance at good government.

  • Truth hurts

    If Gray's unwilling to answer questions about public corruption, he should resign. Period.

  • http://washingtoncitypaper.com southeast lady

    throw the book: You suggest that we break up the city into two groups, look, the city is fragmented enough as it is with Ward 1 to Ward 8 (and Ward 9, smile). I have been in DC for 72 years, before any wards were designated.

    I am sick of this fragmented shit, when I pay my taxes it is not designated to go here and go there, it goes to the WHOLE of the city. The property taxes I pay and the state(DC taxes) I pay is not broken down to go here, there and everywhere. Get it.

    Personally, I am not into dog parks, and other crap.

    I want my trash picked up and other such things as my taxes are supposed to go to.

    I am taxed at the rate that MY income dictates. Hopefully, others are taxed at the rate of income that receive. For example if I make fifty dollars a year and you make fifty thousand dollars a year, we are taxed at comparable rates.