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Kwame Brown Pleads Guilty


Kwame Brown Pleads Guilty

Former D.C. Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown just pleaded guilty to one count of bank fraud, a federal felony.

After a quick court hearing, Brown gave a statement to reporters outside the E. Barrett Prettyman federal courthouse, where he stressed his love for the District, his regret for his wrongdoing, his innocence against allegations of stealing public or campaign funds, and his not-so-slight annoyance with prosecutors for picking on him.

"I am guilty of knowing that poll workers and others received more than $50 in cash payments for doing campaign work, which is and has been done in this city for years," Brown said, referring to city law that caps campaign payments at $50. "I believe I'm the ... only candidate who has ever been charged—with a misdemeanor."

Brown's due in D.C. Superior Court shortly to plead guilty to that misdemeanor charge. Newly released court records show the feds popped Brown on the bank fraud because Brown had submitted false income statements when applying for a loan. Brown inflated his income, forged a signature, and changed a 3 to an 8 on two different loan applications. One of the loans was in 2007 for $56,000, with which Brown bought the infamous "Bullet Proof" powerboat.

Brown signed his plea deal on Wednesday, the day he resigned, court records show.

In his statement, Brown choked up at one point while apologizing to his friends and family. He then said he was now taking his "first steps" on the path of redemption.

"Today I hold my head high," Brown said. "Not because of any pride that I may have in my heart. But it's because I'm in God's hands, and God is able. Thank you, I will be taking no questions."

He'll be sentenced on Sept. 20.

Read the statement of facts prosecutors filed below:

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery (slideshow here)

  • Wait, What?

    This document provides much more damaging details that many of the One City Crew probably recognize. Everyone should read it (looking at you Really?, tony, StrangeFruit, and other apologists).

  • Jay Murphy

    If this is true then clearly Mr. Brown in his blatant arrogance thought he was entitled to what he wanted when he wanted it. A professional Networker, Mr. Brown picked up fine traits from professionals and married them to his natural desires to be a prince in the hood. Living the great American Dream with the house in the hills on the Silver Coast and the right looking family. We should all read what the charges are and come to our own conclusions. But I do want to point out that this is a compromise that the government and Brown's attorney reached so there was a give and take on both parts. As the old folk used to say - tell the whole truth and get on with it.

  • The Java Master

    Like Bill Clinton, Kwame proved to be a unusually gifted liar. he is corruopt to the core. Good riddance, whether he holds his head up, or hangs it down like the disgraced dog that he is.

  • Ward 4

    So long sucker!

  • AteofDC

    Where are Tony and his friends now with their claims that "all" he did was inflate his income?

  • alc2

    A Step by Step Guide to Securing a Loan in DC:

    1) Make up a fake company
    2) Make yourself VP of the fake company/declare yourself a 1099 fulltime employee at the fake company
    4) Fill out a Verification of Employment form as your own fake employer
    5) Make up a fake salary for yourself
    6) Make up a fake raise for yourself
    7) Make up a fake President of the fake company
    8) Forge the signature of a real person (your college buddy) pretending to be the fake President of the fake company
    9) Submit all of the above information to the bank for a $166,000 loan

    Bonus: as extra insurance that you get approve for your loan, be sure to round up your actual income by about $30,000.

    Congratulations! You can now buy a something shiny - like a boat or a fully-loaded blinged-out whatever

  • Mr.Remember

    Well, that's the way the ball bounces. Okay, two down and how many to go. Who said the summer months don't generate worthy news stories.

  • Mr.Remember

    He used a black owned bank to defraud. Now that is black on black crime with a white collar.

  • KeepinItReal

    Machen took two years of investigating Kwame Brown's campaign finances only to come up with a charge of bank fraud for lying on a mortgage application? What happened to the federal probe into the campaign related allegations of the BOE? Brown has pled guilty to the federal banking charge. He has not pled guilty to the lesser local misdemeanor charge associated with his campaign. What gives? Why did Machen take two years to come up with this minor felony? Did the taxpayer get its return on investment from the U.S. Attorney's Office. This has drug on for far too long. Holder needs to have a sit down with Machen.

  • womanizer

    I hope up-and-coming/would-be councilmembers learn from incidents like this - what not to do and how to maintain their integrity.

    @Mr.Remember - Too much! Too soon!

  • tommytune

    How is this city still standing?

  • Drez

    Ms Remember that was my first thought too.
    He took advantage of a (famous!) black owned bank.
    Reminds me of HTJ in that.

  • Joe

    HTJ- champion of children- embezzled funds intended for DC youth

    KB- champion of minority businesses- defrauded a minority business

    VG- integrity, character and leadership- none of the above

    ...and now they are all so sorry

  • Get’em All (@Southeast DC)

    Victor Hoskins will be next. Hoskins has already put the wheels in motion to steer contracts and development deals to Gray's cronies before Gray steps down. Manchen will get'em!

  • 16th Street Heights

    Isn't At-Large D.C. Councilmember Michael Brown being investigated? What a mess this city is in with these corrupt ass local D.C. politicians. Kwame is a Hip Hop pimp like the former Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick. LOL

    Ward 4 Voter

  • Maya4Life

    They are falling like dominos now. It is so funny to hear about the common thread of merchandise that these folks buy with their stolen money...the big houses, the motorcycles, the luzury SUV, the boat called "Bulletproof." It reminds me of a 19-year old NBA player with no education who just struck it rich. Do these people have ANY integrity at all, or is life just their fleeting chance to steal whatever flashy items they can, while they can, and hope at all costs to ride the gravy train with no regard for the consequences of their actions? This is the epitome of the "I gotz minez" mentality...a cancer on this country. I am so thankful that the great purge is underway and this city has a chance to prosper now.

  • Honest Abe

    I hope Fenty, Skinner, Karim, and others are the next to be indicted on charges. Good job Ron Machen!

  • Next

    No Michael Brown is not being investigated. It's Gray followed by Graham on the hot seat now.

  • Truth hurts

    All of this is so sad and depressing. But it was all forseeable, and avoidable. This is the real one city, not the fake campaign slogan one city. Before long, the mayor's scheme will be made public. Tragic.

  • steve gotti

    Just proves that you cant give a black man power and expect him to keep it honest. Most of them have the mentality that society owes them.

  • Cat Like

    Everyone sems already pre-bent but let me tell you how this looks.

    No one came to Kwame's defense because they are tired of corrpution in our fair city.

    But it was more egg on the face of the Holden Attorney General administration because someone lying on his application isn't a break of public trust. It looks petty to spend countless man hours when there is real violations of public trust. (Heck the stupid loan was already paid off).

    It is does look like the AG office picks the person first and then fills in the crime later. Because you don't like them. It is you all who call Kwame fully loaded and those who deem his Kwame's nice beautiful as the hood... because you are really asking yourself why does this "N" have powerful.

    I felt sorry for the disgrace of two black politicians in DC when Kwame's charges were read but Thomas (was not one--let him go under the jail.) It was Holder.

    What is his office doing with their resources?

  • cminus


  • cminus

    (Stupid commenting system.)

    I have been a poll worker before, and was not paid more than $50. I wasn't paid $50. I was "paid" with a cup of coffee in the morning, a boxed lunch, and a cup of hot chocolate in the evening.

    Perhaps Brown would have been better served with doing what it took to get people to work for him because they agreed with what he stood for, rather than raising the kind of money where he could pay people to do so.

  • Honest Abe

    Steve Gotti, you are an @ss hole.

  • UNC-G grad

    Honest Abe,

    Steve Gotti is not an @sshole.

    He's a stinking @sshole !




  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Susan

    I was down on my luck approximately 3 years ago and asked Kwame for help. Nothing.. Ive witnessed employees from his office being transferred out because of sexual harrassment charges..

    He is a nasty person and its important to note that what goes around comes around..

    Lorraine hopefully you will learn from your struggles....

  • Lover Girl

    @Susan he is a nasty and mean person who has been mistreating people for a long time...karma

  • Ward 4 Voter

    I heard Kwame Brown is a surly individual. I needed some help several years ago. I emailed Kwame asking for assistance and he never responded. I emailed Kwame at his DC Government and personal email addresses. Guess what, former Mayor Adrian Fenty did. Fenty was an asshole in the end and he let power go to his head, however, Fenty was very responsive to Ward 4 constituents. Karma is a bitch! I am sick of lying and corrupt politicians. Politicians will sell their mother to the Devil to stay in office or get elected to office.

  • Ward 4 Voter


    Quote in Washington Post by Colbert King:

    Michael A. Brown (I), an at-large council member and the council’s chief advocate of raising taxes on the city’s wealthiest residents, received a $50,000 IRS lien for unpaid income taxes, interest and penalties from 2004 to 2008. He’s now on a repayment plan. Last year, The Post reported that Brown owed the city more than $14,000 in property taxes. One day later he paid that debt in full.


  • KeepinItReal

    I'm sure someone is whispering in former Mayor Tony Williams ear.

  • Drez
  • Old People

    I am surprised that Granddaddy Barry hasn't made a comment. I am guessing there's no other race of people to insult.

    Where was the family and community support for Kwame?

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Susan

    @Steve Gotti- You are an idiot.. Race has nothing to do with this.

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