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Fully Unloaded [LL]

"Earlier in the day, a casually dressed Mr. Brown appeared to be in good spirits and told a reporter from The Washington Times in the hallway that he was ready for a normal workday." [Times]

Mary Cheh feels betrayed [Post]

Vince Gray is "shocked" [Examiner]

Kwame's weird look as elevator door closes [NBC4]

He's a big fan of the Current, apparently, picking one up on his way out the door [AP photo]

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Mendo for chair, says Post [Post]

Mendo's "record doesn't justify another term," says the Post, 2010 [Post]

"City leaders keep arguing for more autonomy, but it’s hard to get there when so many people keep getting indicted,” says Jason Chaffetz [Post]

Remember, the city's still humming along [Post]

Control Board coming? [Washingtonian]

Jaffe blames Barry [WUSA9]

David Catania says Gray needs to start explaining or start resigning [Fox5]

  • Ward One Resident

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that completely strange look on his face as he got on the elevator. Sadly, I think Kwame is a man on the edge.

  • Ward7Sorrow

    My neighbors are hard-core Kwame supporters and they were pissed at me because I chose not to vote for him during his At-Large bid based off the facts Orange presented in his flyer about Kwame's expenses.

    People should stop being in denial and listen up when people raise issues. No one should be shocked about this, as the writing was already on the wall.

    Now Ward 7 has yet another embarassment. The power will never go east of the river again...


    I always thought he was a punk but now after this charge I know it to be true. He is a punk for not fighting this charge. Any court would have reduced this to a misdameanor if he contested it in court. Americans across the nation lied to get bigger homes and boats they could not afford and now we have a collapse of the housing market abecause of people like Kwame.

  • Wait, What?

    @Ward 7 sorrow - I'm not sure that power won't come east of the river ever again - that seems impossible to tell. What is certain, however, is that Ward 7 has given us a complete shitshow between Vince, Kwame, and Yvette. There are better, more intelligent (although those three set a very low bar for smarts) leaders east of the river - they just need to step up. Now would be a great time.

  • Some Guy

    @HMMM - Don't you think it's likely the Feds have a lot more on Kwame than simply this charge? More than likely, he pled to one felony and agreed to resign to escape going to trial on additional charges.

  • John

    Kwame was never a fit for the position and his personal finances should have been a red flag to not elect him. Phil Mendelson is not fit for the job either. Mendelson use to be a good councilmember now he is just lazy and staying low to stay in office.

  • Drez

    Agree Very much with Wait. What?

    There is likely much more to come. The fraud is just the first of it.

  • cutthecrap

    @Ward7Sorrow...the problem with Ward 7 is that you all think that the power base has to come from Hillcrest/Penn Branch communities only. Ward 7 is a BIG Ward, with a lot of talented people. If some of you would come out of your Hillcrest/Penn Branch hiding places and help cultivate some of talent I'm sure you will find many that are worthy of representing the ward in an ethical, responsible manner. Stop looking for old farts like Vince Gray, wannabe ballers/shot callers like Kwame Brown, and total air heads like Yvette Alexander. Let me know if you need me to give you some examples. I'll be happy to oblige.

  • truth hurts

    Holy crap! One City's "shocked" and Cheh's feeling "betrayed".

    Can't wait for reactions when Gray's scheme is finally made public.

    Remember, TH repeatedly warned everyone about Gray and his one city crew. Going back at least 5 years.

  • hymesb

    Well, what a tangled web we weave....and Cheh is an incompetent, disloyal, conspirator by omission...at the least.

    When you endorse someone that turns out this badly....when you side against your own constituents....there should be consequences.

    She supported all of these clowns...and she profited from the deals. If she didnt break the law....she a least empowered, encouraged, and endorsed the activities.