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Kwame Brown Now Faces Campaign Finance Charge

Kwame Brown Charged With Campaign Finance Violation

A day after he resigned and was charged with felony bank fraud in federal court, former D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown was charged with violating the District's campaign finance laws during his 2008 re-election campaign. In a court filing today in D.C. Superior Court, prosecutors say Brown authorized a relative of his to open a "side account" for campaign contributions, from which that relative made cash expenditures on behalf of the campaign in excess of $50—which meant they should have been reported.

Here's the charging document:

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Brown's attorney, Fred Cooke Jr., didn't immediately return a request for comment on the new charge.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • drez

    Keep it coming.

  • Wait, What?

    Ah, the other shoe - she has dropped. Well done!

  • Throw The Book

    .....Once again, im not surprised. Orange brought up these facts during the 2010 At-Large elections. From that point on I knew Brown was not good enough to handle the budget...

    Damn he is getting hit from all angles at one!

  • N.E. John

    Looking forward to charges for Gray and Graham

  • good!

    I guess "fully loaded" has been stripped! Thanks go to the feds for trying to clean house - hopefully these actions will show people a few things - do not steal the country's taxes or use the money as if it was your own.

  • tony

    I told black folks that this day would come. I told black folks that there was a concerted effort to dismantle black leadership in this city. And to all you blacks who think for one minute that Vincent Orange or Muriel Bowser will ascend to higher political office in this city, then I am here to tell you that you are kidding yourself...Just keep reading some of these comments and hopefully you will get the message some day. Yes, a white man will become chairman and ultimately the Mayor of this city which has some of the brightest and well to do black folks in the country. And once this has occurred, blacks will never again regain control of power in the Nation’s Capitol. Then you will really feel the heat. New white department heads will be brought in and majority of the black government workers will lose their jobs to the white new comers. The few blacks with connection and access will be ignored. The few blacks with city contracts will be cut off. Man, the rippling effect of this effort will essentially render black folks powerless. So all you black folks who cheered for this; you and your families and generations of black folks will again feel what its like to be under the white man rule. In deed, you will again know what its like to sit at the masters’ table.

  • Politicsasusual

    @ Tony you are absolutely right!

  • Truth

    @Tony you are going off on tangent to a certain extent...blacks have to stop voting for dumb non qualified people, Harry stole from Kids, no white man told him to do that, 2nd white and blacks voted for Kwame Brown, when Vincent Orange an attorney and cpa, told everyone Kwame was a crook two years ago....blacks need to rally behind Vincent Orange and Muriel Bowser, b/c they can gather both white & black votes, and are both smart enought to keep this city balanced....

  • Typical DC BS

    "The Plan!!!!!" Look out, the sky is falling!!! Run for PG County while the getting is good!!!!


  • http://urbanplacesandspaces.blogspot.com Richard Layman

    FWIW, in cities and counties with a so-called white power structure, its white politicians who get charged/lose their jobs/etc. Just look at the New York suburbs.

    Muriel Bowser likely will be positioned by the Growth Machine (http://web.archive.org/web/20050430232141/http://nw-ar.com/face/molotch.html) to maintain power relationships without too much change.

    VO is smart, but he is old guard, very much focused on traditional ways of doing things. That's why I don't support him-wouldn't vote for him.

    The only time I ever voted "for" Kwame Brown was when VO ran against him.

  • Truth

    @Richard Layman.....so you thought smart,old and traditional....was worse than Kwame Brown, young, dumb and a crook...Tony Williams is smart, old and traditional...would you not vote for him?

  • drez

    I voted Orange over Brown. But I voted Biddle over Orange. I voted Fenty over Gray.
    Every realistic election pits two non-ideal choices. It's not like anyone's dream is up for election and, if they were, they'd probably only get one vote (from the person who's dream they are).

  • Jim

    To restore a record of civility, honesty and progress to the Council, I'm thinking we need to look beyond the usual suspects and find a better candidate to support in the special election.

    Draft Kojo 2012!

  • truth hurts

    Sure you're right, Tony. That white dude Machen is out to get blacks and replace them with whites. It's sooo transparent!

  • tony

    @Truth, because it seems that your comment was well-intended I will respond. First of all, I don’t believe that Harry Thomas or Kwame Brown or any other black elected official in this town is dumb or un-qualified. Secondly, the notion that Vincent Orange is more equipped to be elected to office over other blacks because he holds more college degrees is troubling. And the notion that Vincent believes that he can get the white vote is even more troubling. The fact is that Vincent Orange lost both the establishment endorsement and white vote in his last two elections to two "lesser qualified" candidates. And guess what, the same people who got Harry Thomas, Kwame Brown, and Mayor Gray elected are the very same people who elected Vincent Orange--black folks east of the river. Thus, that “holy than thou” attitude is not the answer.

  • Mary-Austin

    The only funny part about this whole thing is watching all the overtly racist commentators' heads explode over the thought of a white mayor.

  • Wait, What?

    Gotta love tony, jumping in with all this "Plan" talk. Soo predictable and transparent. As was said to StrangeFruit a while ago - must be tough to be an anachronism.

  • Truth hurts

    Fascinating chess moves by Machen. Multiple options remain available. Kwame still has more criminal exposure.

  • cutthecrap

    Isaac Hayes: That Ron Machen is a bad mother...

    Chorus: Shut your mouth

    Isaac Hayes: ...but I'm talking about Ron Machen

    Chorus: well we can dig it

  • Ward 4 Voter

    Tony, you comment made me sad and depressed. I do beleive, there are some racial overtones in this whole corruption mess. Look how white former North Carolina Senator John Edwards got off. I can imagine, Elizabeth Edwards is rolling over in her grave. I just many never vote again in my life. As a United States citizen and voter, I feel helpless and have lost hope like most citizens. Politicians will continue to not serve the people and do what's in the best interest of their pocketbooks or wallets. Now faints at my computer.

  • tony

    I just can't believe that Ron Machen would take Chairman Brown down for inflating his income on a loan application...THIS IS NOT PUBLIC CORRUPTION BY ANY MEANS. DAMN!!

  • Truth

    @Tony your interpretation of my comments are incorrect, I never said that VO is a better candidate b/c he has degrees....I think someone who is an Attorney and CPA can do the job, Just like Tony Williams did a fantastic job being a finance wiz from Harvard, I also believe Bowser has the skill set, even though I'm not a Ward 4 resident......I believe Harry and Kwame are both dumb...there actions are stupid,dumb,unethical, selfish, irresponsible and what ever other adjective you want to use.....someone with higher education and understands the law would know the level of crimes they committed are easy to get caught....why? b/c two civilians candidates blew the whistle on them, they weren't busted by the FBI initially....they where caught by civilians with no access better than you or I.....you can look at what Harry dumb ass did by looking at the Form 990 tax forms that non profits file every year and are publicaly displayed...you can get your free subscription from guidestar.com to see them....

    Your assessment of the last two elections are incorrect...VO won both At-Large elections by winning Wards 4,5,7,8 and getting 25% of the vote in 6 and 2....in the Chairman race vs. Kwame, VO lost 4,5,7,8 but won Ward 3.... Wards 4,5,7,8 voted from Kwame b/c of Gray....the anything but Fenty campaign...Ward 3 votes by the Washington Post....vs. Kwame the Washington Post endorsed VO, b/c VO cited Kwames financial problems/campaign fraud...which is now fact....I support VO b/c he is not beholden to the establishment and there unethical ways....why people constantly hate on him is crazy to me

  • Really?

    @Tony...Please keep speaking the truth. And to provide some historical context what you outline is what actually happened before homerule. The commissioners were white as well as 90% of dc gov't employees.

  • The Java Master

    Kwame fooled a lot of people, as that is his talent.
    He is an unusually gifted liar, as it turns out, as are others in city government. Chocolate City is a thing of the past, baby, get over it! And the next round of indictments and/or information that are filed will prove my ppoint. Congress should NOT permit DeeCee any wiggle room in either its governance or budgeting until all the clowns are held accountable.

  • um hummm

    @TJM #24: Choclate City may indeed be a thing of the past, and that just might be a good thing. The influx of vanilla/other flavors is an improvement and indicative of the fact that Washington DC is a desirable place to live in spite of its many deficiencies.

    However, if there is in fact a '...next round of indictments....', don't be so sure they won't snare some of the Whites who govern and have never been held accountable nor responsible for the $million those
    'clowns' have been taking down forever.

    This is certainly not to say that ALL crooked politicians should not be held accountable (though that will never happen). It is to state that in comparison, the $$$ that are pilfered by the White pols makes the $$$ taken down by Blacks look like pennies in a piggy bank. Just look at Fenty/Nickles and Company. Yeah, Fenty is Black as were some of his cohorts, but it was White God Papa Nickles who orchestrated the whole scam. They got away shitty clean too.

  • John

    Why does it take the Feds. and not DC to expose the wrong doing? Why didn't the Election Board go after Kwame for the campaign problems? Why didn't the Council ethics look into Kwame's personal spending and not paying for practices? When Wells went after Kwame on the SUV scandal Kwame took away his committee. Police yourself DC.

  • StrangeFruit

    @ Tony @ Real,

    Since we don't have "Kathy Hughes" types in DC anymore to hip Black folks to real, the average Joe like ourselves got kept it real and wake-up this damn people.

  • StrangeFruit

    "these damn people"

  • noodlez



  • StrangeFruit


    @ Tony @ Real,

    Since we don't have "Kathy Hughes" types in DC anymore to hip Black folks on the real, the average Joe like ourselves gotta wake-up this damn people.

  • dave b


    He basically did resign over the navigator deal. That is what turned the public on to him. It wasnt a crime but it was an easy-to-understand stupid thing to do. Further it reeked of greed and pissed people off. Was it illegal, probably not? But it was stupid and wankster. It generated the pressure that gave a high enough profile to then investigate the little things to lead to a charge.

    The guy was stupid and shouldnt be in office.

  • tony

    @Truth, it's just amazing that you and others will condemn Harry and Kwame in favor of other politicians who are essentially in the same boat.

    Vincent Orange is under the same scrutiny like every other black politician in this city. I mean there's questions abound about whether Vincent Orange violated campaign laws. There are questions concerning his dealings with Joe Mamo and other black business persons. There are questions concerning his activities as a board member of the Lincoln Theater. There are questions of whether he steered city contracts to his friends and supporters. I mean the list is endless.

    Again, I just don't understand why one black politician will drag down another black politician when they all are up to the same things. And guess what, Vincent Orange is a CPA and lawyer so he should know better than most...what’s his excuse?

    Secondly, I stand by my position that Vincent Orange has not demonstrated that he can win the white vote as some think. Again, Vincent in his last two elections lost the establishment endorsement and white vote to Patrick Mara and Seko Biddle, respectively. Patrick Mara is a white republican who came within merely 1, ooo votes of beating Vincent Orange. Moreover, Seko Biddle nearly beat Vincent Orange as well. The only reason why Vincent Orange was able to pull out both victories was because of the vote east of the river. Yes, he won two other black wards but the spread by which he won the east of the river vote made the difference. And, what has he done for those people—his people.

    Let me help you here. What Vincent Orange really believes is that he is a different black politician. He honestly believes that because of his professional credentials and educational background that his is above and better than the other black politicians from east of the river. You see, he sees himself as the cream of the crop and he believes that white folks are more accepting of him...

    Well, let me give you this dose of reality. Vincent Orange is just another black politician. He is just another black man. Indeed, he is just another nxgger.

    See next Wednesday when the city councilmember’s select a new chairman. I promise you, his name won’t be Vincent Orange.

  • cutthecrap

    @Tony...quit talking as if you share the views of the entire black community. If you are really about the black community, you wouldn't disparage Kwame or VO. That's the problem with everyone. Looking out for themselves and not looking out for the entire community as a whole.