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Morning Clicks

Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown gives away his beloved economic development committee to Michael Brown, speculation continues about Kwame's future [Post]

Kwame shoves WTOP's Mark Segraves, apologizes  [WTOP]

The future: "It’s a chessboard of possibilities, and several council members are now studying it closely," says Tom Sherwood [NBC4]

New ethics board pick Robert Spagnoletti says he won't have a conflict of interest because he was Vince Gray's fence lawyer [Post]

Jonetta Rose Barras really likes Spagnoletti [Examiner]

Budget passed [Times]

TANF cuts delayed [DCFPI]

Post glad feds are looking at lotto deal [Post]

Spat between Jack Evans and Tommy Wells, Greater Greater Washington over freebie ticket [GGW] Evans' response via email: "Shame on you, Mr. Wells, for criticizing others for seeking to alter a law that you have taken advantage of personally.  And shame on you, Mr. Alpert, for giving Mr. Wells a bigger microphone without first checking the facts."


  • Art

    Regardless of whether you think CM's should get free ticket, Evans is right. Wells is a huge hypocrite who OFTEN uses council sports tickets -- especially Nats tickets.

  • Prtty Gurl

    T Wells is a law breaker. I saw him bike through a red light on PA Ave. last week.

  • jimbo

    Wells uses the tickets as patronage to get people to vote form him. It's like tying a pork chop around your neck to get the dog to play with you. Dim bulb at best.