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Kwame Brown: “I Have No Plans To Resign”

D.C. Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown told reporters today that he has no plans to resign his office and that he broke no laws during his 2008 re-election campaign, which federal authorities have been investigating for about a year now.

The comments come after several days of intense speculation at the Wilson Building over Brown's fate, and whether he'll soon be facing charges as a result of the federal probe. Here's a breakdown of Brown's comments from a press gaggle:

On his morning encounter with WTOP's Mark Segraves:

"Mark ran up on me in the room that only councilmembers and staff are allowed. I didn't know who that was jumping this close to me. So I told Mark, and I've known Mark for a long time, I told him I apologize if he felt as though he was being shoved. That was not my intention at all. [Turning to address Segraves directly] And I apologize. Mark, you know I apologized to you for that. I'm sorry if you felt, you know, that it was some sort of situation where I was being offensive. I wasn't trying to do that. ... If this was on the basketball court, this would be a different story."

[A bit later]

"Mark ran up on me. I mean I don't know, you come hang out where I hang out ... He knows it wasn't a big shove. It wasn't a Shaquille O'Neal shove. But let me say this, I told Mark that I apologize if he felt threatened. He came up on me and we're past that."

On his future plans:

"I have no plans to resign. So that's all I'm going to say about that. I don't have no plans at this time to resign. Next question."

On where he thinks the rumors of his pending political demise are coming from:

"I spend no time thinking about it."

On his regrets:

"I regret the fact that we're even having this conversation. I regret the fact that we're sitting here today talking about the 2008 campaign. I'm very sorry that residents have been dealing with these distractions. Residents deserve better."

On whether he broke any laws:

"I don't think I broke any laws in the 2008 campaign."

On the media:

"You know, I do apologize that this is the first time in seven, eight years that I've seen so many cameras talking to me about an issue out of all the issues that we've been able to get accomplished here in the District of Columbia. ... This is the first time I've seen this many cameras on a real single issue, and I do apologize for that."

On his message to residents to how this situation ends:

"Kwame is going to continue to work hard, we're going to keep moving has hard as we can to move this city forward."

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Susan

    Just because your arrogant ass refuses to resign does not mean you won't be indicted....
    Take him away BOYS!!!!!!

  • Drez

    How about retire to somewhere warm?
    I hear Montgomery and Pensacola are nice.

  • Same Thing

    I would have done the same damn thing if he would have run up on me. Now that I think about it, Mark Seagraves was the same reporter running up on Adrian Fenty at the airport. YOU GOT THE RIGHT ONE THIS TIME BABY.

  • judy newman

    really sad - such a waste of potential talent
    but hope he's lawyered up - for his sake

  • The Java Master

    "such a waste of potential talent"?
    Only if being a crooked pol and a con artist with a knack for self-aggrandizement is your definiton of "potemtial"...
    ...and the only "talent" this guy has is avoiding resignation, which is more or less inevitable.

  • N.E. John

    Don't worry Kwamie, Harry will show you the ropes after you have matriculated. He will then show you the slippery soap

  • KeepinItReal

    You guys REALLY need to get a life. Not a fan of Kwame or any of these dysfunctional councilmembers, which includes Jack Evans, Tommy Wells, Mary Cheh and David Catania, along with all the rest of the clowns. But you armchair quarterbacks are PATHETIC!

  • StrangeFruit

    @ KeepinItReal,

    You are so right!

  • linda

    I saw Karen Gray-Houston's report on Kwame Brown shoving and pushing Mark Seagraves. However, I was at the John Wilson Building yesterday around 12- 12:30 when Mat Ackland/FOX5 sat beside me . Mat was on his cell phone. I overheard Mat Ackland say: Kwame was trying to get pass Mark Segraves when Kwame nudged Mark. Mat Ackland said it was not a hard push or shove, it was more of a nudge. So why was not the truth told last night in Karen's report or any of the reports. Kwame Brown nudge Mark trying to get by. I guess when you are trying to bring down a young Afro-American man the truth is not reported.

  • http://washingtoncitypaper.com southeast lady

    I bet you Seagraves won't jump up in no one elses face any time soon. Everybody know that reporter are crazy and always looking for a story--even if they have to create the story themselves.

  • Frat Boy

    These reporters are rude and arrogant and behave like frat boys. Get em Kwame next time with a belt across his lip! Reporters need to behave and NOT be agressive. Sherwood and Seagraves are the 2 most pushy.

  • 16th Street Heights

    @Frat Boy; sometimes reporters are worse than reporters on TMZ. However, Kwame has made his bed and now he will have to lay in it. The racial makeup in the District has changed and some prefer to see a white mayor and a mostly white D.C. council. I am sadden by what has happen seeing black men on the D.C. council being convicted or having corruption charges against them being investigated. The media stays in business by digging up dirt on people and all the doom and gloom. We all have to reap what we sow in the end.

  • Drez

    Lol at all the comments blaming the media. Its like people were never taught that the only person they can truly control is themselves.
    "...jump up...run up...". smh.
    Good luck with that.

  • Politicsasusual

    @ keepinitreal


  • capitol hill

    "i dont have no plans at this time to resign"
    This man is an illiterate. Who would vote for such a person?

  • Ward 7 Rez

    @16th Street Heights - ugh! A white council? I don't care what color the council is, I just want a corruption-free and competent council. Not holding my breath.

  • Mary-Austin

    @capitol hill

    The people defending this guy and blaming the media instead vote for people like Brown.
    Just look at the comment section. Clearly literacy, competence, ethics don't make any difference to plenty of folks in this city.
    Oh and you're a cracker and a hick for pointing that out lol.

  • Wait, What?

    Kwame has no plans to resign. Good for him, I guess.

    Of course, HTJ had no plans to resign either, and even drove to a press conference to proclaim his innocence in the very car he bought with stolen money.

    To paraphrase - Kwame plans, the US Attorney laughs.

  • cutthecrap

    @keepinItReal et al...the pot calling the kettle black.

  • truth hurts

    No plans to resign? Oh, guess he misspoke.