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Thompson Fighting Feds Over Access To Records

The Legal Times' Mike Scarcella has the scoop that mega-donor Jeffrey Thompson's legal team is fighting federal prosecutors over "the government's ability to review tens of millions of pages of documents seized from his home and office."

At issue is Thompson's client-attorney privileges, and whether having a group of government lawyers separate from any prosecutorial team review those files infringes on Thompson's rights. A U.S. District Court judge ruled against Thompson last month, but he's appealing that decision.

The takeaway: "The ongoing dispute over the Thompson documents could delay how swiftly prosecutors wrap up the Gray campaign investigation."

The full article (registration required) is here.

Screen grab via C-SPAN

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    I'm wondering how many folks warned you about Jeannie Clarke Harris-

    Its ironic how Mark Long will be the one that brings Vince to his knees.....