Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Vince Gray says he has his own ethics legislation similar to the ballot intitative aimed at banning corporate donations that "he was going to put forward May 15. That day has come and gone without any proposal." [GGW]

City to defend First Source hiring law that contractors say is bunk [Times]

Restaurant pavilion at St Es, will it work? [HC]

Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown picks an odd time to do a Marion Barry impersonation: “For all of the people who just moved to Washington, D.C., and have a problem with go-go music, get over it.” [Post]

Is Phil Mendelson going to be mayor? [Washingtonian]

Anti-Walmart protestors say city officials are being bribed [WJLA]

Chuck Thies goes there [DCPorcupine]

City officials trying to outdo each other on Chuck Brown memorials [Examiner]

Cathy Lanier says "file burns" are routine [AP]

  • ScrewU

    Nice to see that our city is running so well that all these government officials could spend the day at a dance party. Who paid for this??????

  • SaveWard7

    Sorry for the family's lost, but why did the City officials stop working for two weeks during this time??? Or, was this some type of diversion to keep the Citizens from focusing on what is truly not being accomplished by all of the council persons and mayor??!!!!