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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Barry Scorned

During the Ward 8 straw poll in March LL noticed Anthony Muhammad*, a longtime confidante of Mayor-for-Life-turned-Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry, campaigning for one of Barry's opponents, Sandra Seegars.
After chit-chatting about the race, LL asked Muhammad how Barry reacted when he found out Muhammed was backing one of his opponents. (Barry, if you didn't know, [...]

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Marion Barry apologizes to Asians, offends Poles [CD]
Howard Brooks pleads guilty, all eyes now on Lorraine Green [Post]
"It did not appeal to the people we were trying to attract, and it was not something we sanctioned,” Green, last year [Times]
If you did something naughty during the Gray campaign, it's time to come clean, says Ron [...]

Howard Brooks Pleads Guilty

Gray campaign aide mystery man Howard Brooks is a mystery no more: Brooks appeared in federal court today to plead guilty to a single count of lying to the FBI.
But that's not all he did. Brooks admitted today in court that he was the bagman for the Gray campaign after it decided in the summer [...]

Photos: Howard Brooks Pleads Guilty

200 Block of Third Street NW, May 24

Gray Campaign Was Sulaimon’s Biggest Donor Late in Campaign

One mystery of the 2010 mayoral campaign that's never going to be solved is how Sulaimon Brown managed to win 209 votes in the Democratic primary. Why would you ever vote for that guy?!
Another mystery that may only be partially solved is how Brown managed to raise more than $16,000 for his quixotic fringe bid. [...]

Morning Clicks

Mayor Gray loses the Post's Robert McCartney: "Vincent Gray is either a fool or a liar — and I’m inclined toward the latter." [Post]
Howard Brooks, come on down, it's your turn in front of the cameras [Post]
If Ron Machen is this pissed off about Sulaimongate, imagine how he feels about the alleged shadow campaign [NBC4]
Post [...]

The Thomas Antidote

LL wasn’t in the car long with Ward 5 Councilmember-elect Kenyan McDuffie before the District’s newest elected official started talking about his “self-destructive” tendencies.
That’s a loaded term these days, considering the spectacular self-destruction of the last guy to hold the Ward 5 seat. Harry Thomas Jr. is set to report to federal prison soon, [...]

Vince Gray Gets Gored

The term “senseless crime” is oftenapplied to acts of pointless violence. But it’s also an apt term to describe the sheer idiocy of the alleged plot by Mayor Vince Gray’s 2010 campaign aides to fund fringe candidate Sulaimon Brown and his over-the-top attacks on then-Mayor Adrian Fenty.
Gray’s longtime friend and acting campaign treasurer Thomas Gore [...]

Source: Lorraine Green Knew of Payments to Sulaimon

A source familiar with the federal investigation into Mayor Vince Gray's 2010 mayoral campaign says that campaign chairwoman and closest friend Lorraine Green knew of improper payments made to fringe candidate Sulaimon Brown.
Court records expected to be released tomorrow after Howard Brooks pleads guilty to lying to the FBI will say that an unnamed individual knew [...]

Sulaimon To City Paper: “Kiss My Ass”

Sulaimon Brown has finally gotten around to taking a victory lap. Today he released a statement saying he's been vindicated and Mayor Vince Gray should resign.
But when LL reached out to Brown for comment, Brown responded in an email that he's still upset with LL for not clarifying an "article that wrongfully accused me of [...]