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Who Else Should We Speculate Will Run For Mayor?

Let's play the who-will-run-for-mayor game. The Washington Post kicked things off over the weekend by noting how low Mayor Vince Gray's political stock is at present and how three councilmembers, Muriel Bowser, Jack Evans, and Tommy Wells, are already sniffing around a potential run.

The Post also said a law-and-order type outsider may make for a good candidate. The paper named, with sourcing from unnamed speculators, Police Chief Cathy Lanier, U.S. Attorney Ron Machen, and his deputy Vincent H. Cohen Jr. (whose father was a prominent African-American attorney) as potential contenders. Lanier said on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt today that she's not interested, and a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office is in the process of getting LL a "no comment" on Machen and Cohen's political ambitions.

But since we're speculating wildly about who might run, why stop at the Johnny Law types? Herewith, LL's speculations on other potential candidates, which—who knows?—could wind up being cited in the next A1 Post story on a hypothetical mayoral campaign:

Anthony Williams: Everybody loves Tony, right? Sure, Williams tells LL he has "absolutely no interest" in being mayor again and just wants to "serve the city" as a "regular guy." But what better way to serve? Besides, "regular guys" don't go out of their way to always wear bow ties that scream "I may be a wonky bean counter, but just like other politicians, I, too, have interesting personal characteristics!"

Marion Barry: He's got better name recognition than anyone in D.C. politics will ever have. And his awesome Twitter account would help him shore up the youth vote. Note: He might not win the Asian vote. Or the Polish vote.

• Peter Nickles: Speaking of former mayors... The de facto mayor under Adrian Fenty is probably finding private life boring compared to running a city and getting into fights on a daily basis. Sure, he lives in Virginia, but no candidate is perfect.

• Ralph Nader: He's not running for president again, is he? If not, he's got room on his schedule.

• Nat Gandhi: Gandhi may be fed up with Gray's foot-dragging on reappointing him as the District's chief financial officer. What better way to get payback?

• Tom Sherwood: The NBC4 reporter always jokes about making a run for public office. Well, Tom, you're not getting any younger.

Have other candidates in mind? Leave' em in the comments.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • deedle

    Mark Plotkin

  • judy newman

    it would be great fun to watch tom on the other side of story!

  • RT

    Williams would restore dignity to the city, boring and wonky or not.

  • Mr.Remember

    I guess Linda, Sharon and Carol are no-never minds because they are women?

  • cminus

    @Mr.Remember, Cropp ran a pretty hard campaign against Fenty, which limits her ability to appeal to Fenty's former supporters, without whom she would have trouble challenging Gray. Ambrose is in poor health and just not physically up for anything more than part-time public service. Schwartz, well, if any Republican could have won a mayoral election in DC, it would have been Schwartz in 1994; she didn't then, and she won't now.

  • drez

    Michael Brown and Vincent Orange have always estimated themselves as Mayoral-material.

  • dcgovcorruption

    Tony Williams is the only one among the bunch that would
    be able to assemble a competent team and hit the ground
    moving the city forward as one.

  • Homo Sapiens

    Doug Jemal
    Courtland Milloy
    Phyllis Richman
    Ron Moten
    Jesse Jackson

  • Kathy8

    Kenyan McDuffie?

  • Sally

    Barack Obama.

  • Charlie

    Darrow Montgomery

  • Rob A

    Colby King
    The Woman Barry locked out of the room because she would not give him fellatio
    The Federal City Council. Show your faces in the sunshine
    Joel T. Broyhill
    Mitt Romney's 5th wife

  • RealDC

    Anybody but Bowser!!

  • Twister

    Colby King

  • Truth hurts

    Colby King

  • Sean

    whatever happened to Don Peebles?

  • StrangeFruit

    Dorothy Brizill hands down!

  • DT

    Two words: Suilamon Brown! (have u ever met him?!? Hes adorable!!)

  • noodlez


  • Gold Coast Kid

    Bowser in 2014!!!!!!!

  • Wait, What?

    Bring back Tony Williams, please - and soon. We are in the final days / months of One City.

  • miserableme

    What I want?

    -- Someone who rejects cash from developers and others who do a lot of business with DC government.
    -- Won't pander for votes with crap promises like "jobs" they can't deliver on.
    -- Will focus on either retaining or hiring nationally the most professional staff they can find, and won't use city jobs as a reward system.
    -- My candidate won't support all-night drinking, gambling, and other BS methods to try to balance the budget.
    -- Most important: A candidate who recognizes that climate change is real and action on a local level is needed. This includes support bicycle transportation, solar deployment, tree planting, and construction of sustainable housing.
    -- My candidate won't support raising the height limit of buildings and will strive to keep DC beautiful and unique.

  • Throw The Book

    @miserableme your not going to find that anywhere in DC so sorry to burst your bubble. Your definitition of a candidate will lose a race anyway because he/she will rely on the citizens instead of the powers that be.

    Citizens will not donate big bucks to a campaign to help someone win.

  • Throw The Book

    @Wait,What? Tony Williams had huge support from the developers, thats how the Nats stadium was built.

    The type of gov't we have is an issue but the bigger issue is the mindset of the voters, and their logic behind their vote.

    The only reason McDuffie won the race is because Harry is going to Jail and couldn't be on the ballot. If it were election season and Harry was on fined for his situation and not jailed, he would won again. Thats why the mindset of the voters must change.

  • I. J.

    Tomy Wells for Mayor? Hell No! That racist bastard would have black people back in slavery. Wells's left out the black participation on the ANC and Ward 6 boundary changes in Shaw so blacks would be voiceless.

  • Rob

    I would like to see someone who hasn't been corrupted or unduly influenced by the current political culture run for Mayor. I like Rom Machen or Vincent Cohen as potential candidates. The three candidates favored by the Post, Evans, Wells and Bowser represent the bottom of the barrel in many voters eyes and have only represented the influential cliques in their wards. Bowser would only serve to rubber stamp the agenda of the Washington Post, like the previous mayor.

  • Throw The Book

    Give me Orange for Mayor. He will make sure all of those fools on the council will get their operation in check.

    Tommy Wells aka Colonel Sanders step son is a horrible councilmember

    Bowser should be a principal at Lafyette Elem, she clearly is terrible

    Evans.... ahaha can he even get a vote outside of Georgetown?

  • http://www.facebook.com/AntLorenzo Anthony Lorenzo

    Denzel Washington

  • gitchafaxstr8


  • Ben

    What about the pompous one.... The Rightous Martin Moulton of Shaw

  • What a Joke!

    Tommy Wells is the reincarnation of Gov. Wallace and he would set black folks back 60 years if he swindles his way in office as the Council Chair or Mayor.

    But that's never going to happen because he has pissed off too many Black advocates who are passionate about their disdain for Alabama Wells.

    Wells don't have a chance in hell of becoming either the mayor or council chair as long as DC has a large Black voting block.

  • Wait, What?

    @What a Joke!: Could you please explain why you feel Wells is the reincarnation of George Wallace? Pretty specious to throw that out there without any substance behind it. Do tell.

  • N.E. John

    Root Boy Slim

  • jonny

    Adrian Fenty. Where are those "Don't blame me, I voted for Fenty" t-shirts.

  • gwtolliver

    Duh. Tony Williams had his own level of corruption. I think we forgot all those illegal signatures that kept him off the ballot and he had to run as a write in.

  • 16th Street Heights

    Charlie Sheen for D.C. Mayor.

  • Many Generations Here

    Former ANC commissioner Cary Clennon

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