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The Post kicks the official start of the next mayoral race (be it in 2014 or sooner) in a Sunday A1 story that says Muriel Bowser, Jack Evans and Tommy Wells are already "making overt moves" in preparation for the race. (Bowser's overt moves, according to the Post, are attending a Trial Lawyers Association dinner with a bunch of other pols and buying ads in the Current.) The Post also says that "speculation has also emerged about potential wild-card candidates" including Police Chief Cathy Lanier and U.S. Attorney Ron Machen. Speculation has emerged? Yeesh. [Post]

Robert McCartney to Vince Gray: start talking or resign [Post]

Mary Cheh says city still looking for resolution from l'affaire Sulaimon [Times]

"Vernon Hawkins has not been targeted in the ongoing federal investigation." You sure about that Harry Jaffe? [Examiner]

Chuck Brown public viewing today at Howard Theatre [WTOP]

Jonetta Rose Barras busts Yvette Alexander for driving recklessly while talking on her cell [Examiner]

What D.C. can do to keep young families from fleeing to the burbs [Post]

Gray backer Don Peebles and the District may wind up going to court after all [WBJ]

Marion Barry wishes he'd said "Polish" [Post]

Gray plays cornhole [DCist]

Some Postie doesn't like Tom Gore's straw hat. [Post]

Rep. Trent Franks gets scolded for picking on D.C. [Post]


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    [...] Washington City Paper seems less than satisfied with the list of prospective candidates posed by the Post in their comment, “yeesh.” The city’s demographic trends make a strong white candidate a distinct possibility. We will all have to see who emerges as the front-runner to take hold of a fractious council and ongoing budget turmoil. [...]

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