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Morning Clicks

Marion Barry apologizes to Asians, offends Poles [CD]

Howard Brooks pleads guilty, all eyes now on Lorraine Green [Post]

"It did not appeal to the people we were trying to attract, and it was not something we sanctioned,” Green, last year [Times]

If you did something naughty during the Gray campaign, it's time to come clean, says Ron Machen "We urge others to do the same as we continue our efforts to get to the bottom of what happened during the 2010 election." [AP]

DC fire department lieutenant on leave after stealing hay, as in horses [Examiner]

A way out for Gray? [NBC4]

  • Drez

    The whole concept- and it permeates the local punditry- of an "unnecessary crime" is hilarious.
    There has to be a better meme.

  • Drez

    Ludacris. Not hilarious.