Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Mayor Gray loses the Post's Robert McCartney: "Vincent Gray is either a fool or a liar — and I’m inclined toward the latter." [Post]

Howard Brooks, come on down, it's your turn in front of the cameras [Post]

If Ron Machen is this pissed off about Sulaimongate, imagine how he feels about the alleged shadow campaign [NBC4]

Post editorial board gives way too much credit to the Sulaimon effect in the 2010 race [Post]

Bruce Johnson says Sulaimon was actually paid 10 money orders from the Gray campaign worth $1,800 [WUSA9]

Mitt Romney a big fan of DC voucher program [Times]

Darrell Issa's flack says his boss and Gray are still cool [Times]

Big change in teacher evaluations at DCPS [Examiner]


  • Name

    Who cares about Gray, DC and the reputation of it's citizens, the WTU got what it wanted: a weak and compliant DCPS.

    "Washington Teachers' Union President Nathan Saunders, who has been critical of Impact and other reforms instituted by Rhee, said he believes weakening the test's role in evaluations is a move in the right direction."

    Hey kids, good luck getting into college. Make sure you blame the Man and the Plan.

  • Drez

    In regards to the above, how is DCPS holding to the reform efforts as put forth here:
    Are they staying the course? Have there been corrections? If so, where?
    As a DCPS parent, I want to know.