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Sulaimon To City Paper: “Kiss My Ass”

Sulaimon Brown has finally gotten around to taking a victory lap. Today he released a statement saying he's been vindicated and Mayor Vince Gray should resign.

But when LL reached out to Brown for comment, Brown responded in an email that he's still upset with LL for not clarifying an "article that wrongfully accused me of stalking a young girl." LL's not sure which article Brown is referring to, but LL does know that the Washington City Paper handled that accusation a lot more carefully than just about every other media outlet in town.

"I never committed such an offense and until the City paper comes clean they meaning you included can kiss my ass," says Brown.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • um hummm


    What do you know? For once in my life I can agree with Sulaimon Brown. He should have told you to kiss the....
    ah....I think you know what I started to say.

  • ben

    You stay classy, Sulaimon Brown.

  • 16th Street Heights


  • Drez


  • Sullly Man

    I would like to kick his ass! This dummy is going to get a charge too!

  • RealDC

    Hey, I knew this nut was telling the truth. Cheh and Catania owe this fool an apology.

  • KeepInItReal

    "They meaning you can kiss my ass" I like that.

  • http://www.scooterstereo.com EP Sato

    Sulaimon is a scumbag who should have never gotten offered a job with the Health Finance Department. He's got no credibility, so whatever he claims about not stalking that girl, all the other evidence in the case still points to him being a child stalker.

    He can feel vindicated all he wants, but just because some folks on the campaign were corrupt, it doesn't absolve Sulaimon of his own moral failures, questionable drivers license record and pretty much every other scandal involving him of the last two years. He's a crook, plain and simple.

  • Rob A

    Kiss my ass? Would you enjoy that Sulaimon? The entire staff of the City Paper laying their collective lips on your glutes and engulfing them in a sea of city paper spit. What a classy guy you are.

  • Let’s B Fair

    I looked at the so called evidence and Brown has a valid point.He was never served any type of court document, no one has ever come forward,the stalking charged mysteriously appeared the day he got fired, and the document circulating the internet accusing Brown doesn't look authentic, like there is no court stamp on it and it's half typed and hand written.