Loose Lips

Photo: Thomas Gore Pleads Guilty

300 Block of 3rd Street NW, May 22

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Sinking Ships

    He is the nicest man- Vince Gray you will pay in the end for this.... He was told to do what he did..

  • Political Observer

    If you are told to do something and you are not comfortable with it, don't do it. I can still be your friend but I'm not going to compromise myself. Plus, had Gore said no, who knows he could have stopped the slide down.

  • TiredOf TheBS

    I feel like this whole thing is something conjured up by the enemies of Mayor Gray. The fact that the DA is even wasting tax payers money on this whole thing is ridiculous!!! They are mad and making a major issue of $1000. They meaning Gray's haters want to bring him down and tarnish another man career over some nonsense. All I have to say is what goes around comes around. Learn to do unto others and you would have them you. Do better people!!