Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Thomas Gore, longtime pal to Mayor Vince Gray and the mayor's de facto campaign treasurer, set to plead guilty in federal court today to destroying evidence. The first casualty in l'affaire Sulaimon. [Post]

Bruce Johnson says prosecutors have other plea deals lined up [WUSA9]

Video of Tom Sherwood knocking on Gore's front door [NBC4]

"Let's get it done," says Mary Chch [Times]

Great day for Sulaimon Brown B-roll [Fox5]

"District residents are right to wonder why Mr. Gray — if he has nothing to hide, as he contends — isn’t expressing shock or disappointment or anger" [Post]

A couple of bad news cycles? [Examiner]

Marion Barry gets treated for blood clot in Vegas, is enlightened about Filipino medical workers [NBC4]

Council gets another year to comply with highly touted ethics disclosure rules [Examiner]

Friction at Crispus Attucks Park [Post]

Battalion chief accuses Chief Ken Ellerbe of retaliation [Times]

  • Kathy8

    Why isn't anyone in the media following up on the fire that destroyed the home of Dorothy Brizill and Gary Imhoff? Has the cause been determined? Is anyone helping them, since they lost everything? Was their loss insured? Is DCWatch dead? Did they totally lose their mailing list for themail@dcwatch? A lot of people in the community have been wondering about these things...