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Former Gray Campaign Aide Charged With Destroying Evidence

Former Gray Aide Charged With Federal Crimes

Federal officials have just made public documents charging Thomas Gore, the assistant treasurer on Vince Gray's 2010 mayoral campaign, with breaking D.C. campaign finance laws, then destroying evidence to stymy the U.S. Attorney's probe into the campaign.

Gore, who handled day-to-day finances of the campaign, allegedly made three contributions to another candidate, using money orders bought by the Gray campaign. The documents don't say who the other candidate was, but the federal investigation of Gray's campaign was originally started by Sulaimon Brown's allegations that he was paid to stay in the race and attack then-Mayor Adrian Fenty.

Prosecutors say Gore also destroyed a spiral notebook that had records of various contributions to the other campaign on March 6, 2011, which as the Washington Post's Tim Craig noted, was the day the Post reported that Brown said he was promised a job in exchange for help in the election (and had the text messages to prove it). Destroying the notebook would be a violation of laws against destruction of evidence in federal investigations, a more serious charge than the other three.

Gore was very senior in the Gray campaign. Earlier this year, one former aide told LL he basically ran the finances, even though he was listed as the assistant treasurer, not the treasurer: "Day to day, Thomas was the guy to go to." He was also the campaign treasurer for Gray's 2004 Ward 7 D.C. Council race and his 2006 election as council chairman.

Stand by for more updates soon.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • ArtBook

    Anxiously awaiting Mayor Gray's resignation. He has been lying to the citizens of the District since he began his run for mayor. This has now led to a criminal indictment. If he does not resign, we shall have no choice but to DEMAND A FEDERAL TAKEOVER OF THE DISTRICT. We are not ready for home rule.

  • Drez

    ^ nothing like the threat of federal takeover to get folks to rally 'round the chief.

    Add in some old-school race baiting and I figure Gray's good through 2014.

  • SEis4ME

    This looks ugly. This would mean that Gore falsely procured the money orders and then gave them to Brooks and green who then gave them to Sillyman Brown..assuming he's candidate B.

  • 16th Street Heights

    Wow, Mayor Vincent Gray and D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown might be going down like former Ward 5 D.C. Councilmember Harry Thomas, Jr.

  • DJ Ren

    Indictment summer 2012! ONE CITTTAAAAYYYYY. How soon 'til Mr. Gore flips?

    Hate to say I told you so...looking forward to seeing the One City apologists try and defend this.

  • Get’em All (@Southeast DC)

    Get GRAY Outta There!!! He has disgraced the City enough. The campaign foibles are bad enough, but he (and Deputy Mayor Victor Hoskins) have already rigged the award of 2 two of DC's largest projects (St.E's and Walter Reed) to Gray friends, fraternity brothers and campaign supporters. This is all probably in an effort to get the contracts awarded before he is removed from office. More will come out on this soon!

  • relect Gray 2014

    Gray is innocent until proven guilty - that's how the law works. Fenty lost so get over it!

  • Terry Miller

    The most serious charge is destroying evidence.

  • cutthecrap

    I guess Mayor Gray will try to say he didn't know Tom Gore that well either. Whenever one of his cronies gets in trouble he denies them. If I were Tom Gore I'd sing like the fat lady.

  • Wilson

    @ re-elect Gray. Are you kidding? He probably won't even run. And don't give us that Fenty lost crap. These latest charges show that the entire thing was rigged.

    Your guy Gray is over

  • Sally

    One City. Fifth Amendment. Zero Standards.