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What's it like being Marion Barry's flack? "Never promise him something and then forget to do it. Because he will not forget. And he will haunt you." [Post]

Baseball-related development, in perspective [HC]

Someone else driving your car gets a speed camera ticket? Tough luck, pal [Examiner]

Congress is being unduly mean to the District [Examiner]

Dems mad that Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton can't talk about a bill affecting her jurisdiction [Times]

Voting rights activists to bombard Rep. Trent Franks' office [WAMU]

Look ma, no hands [Post]

  • Drez

    ...You have to hit the ground flying....
    Nice use of mixed metaphor to ensure the statement works on multiple levels.
    Totally planned, I'm sure.

  • gitchafaxstr8

    Damn Drez: I ain't know you was literate. From your posts I thought chu was one a dem ignorant ass dummies.

  • Drez

    Remember, kids.
    Spellcheck is your friend.