Loose Lips

DJ Vince On the Radio

Vince Gray DJs at WPFW

Mayor Vince Gray is currently downstairs at WPFW playing guest DJ while the station has a pledge drive.

When asked what songs he'll be playing, Gray says: "Chuck, man, Chuck."

You can listen here or on 89.3 FM.

Photo by Alan Suderman

  • Drez

    Campaign mode.

  • shameless

    What a loser

  • gitchafaxstr8

    @ 'handmaidens' 1 & 2: Careful, your claws are showing.
    But guess you just can't help it. Good thing the man is not as thin skinned as you creeps.

    I've heard quite a few people say all of this harassment and unwarranted negativity toward Vince is making them take a closer look and inspiring them to actually rally 'round their Mayor.