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Kenyan McDuffie Wins Ward 5 Special Election

And then there were 13, again. Kenyan McDuffie has won today's Ward 5 special election to replace disgraced former Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr.

The unofficial results have McDuffie, an attorney and former policy advisor in Mayor Vince Gray's administration, winning in a landslide of 40 percent of the votes in a field of 11 candidates.

McDuffie won 4,085 votes. His next closest competitor, Delano Hunter, received 1,850 votes, or 20 percent of the vote. Frank Wilds rounds out the top three with 1,360 votes, or 15 percent of the vote.

More tomorrow.

Photo courtesy of McDuffie campaign

  • Mrs. D

    Not gonna lie, I'm waiting to see which candidates promptly remove their campaign signs from public spaces.

  • Drez

    ^ Hillarious.

  • Ward 5 res

    FINALLY..... ward 5 elected someone who has the residents best interest at heart instead of continuing down this crazy path we've been on.

  • Throw The Book

    Congrats to Kenyon McDuffie and to his campaign staff. Ward 5 has made their selection and hopefully he will lead them to a respectable status within DC.

    Although I am skeptical of McDuffie because of Tommy Wells endorsement, I hope he will work in the best interest of Ward 5 and Ward 5 only.

    Being the swing vote, if it does not benefit the citizens of Ward 5, then it is truly a bad decision on his behalf.

    Ward 5 will be watching McDuffie closely. Until 2014, he pretty much will be on "Probation Status"....

  • Mr.Remember

    Tommy Wells endorsement was because Kenyan comes across as one of those "good black" guys. Which in comparison to what is already on the council, Kenyan is probably going to be an intersting item when included in the mix of the council.

  • Really?

    I'm with Throw the Book and Mr. Remember. Kenyon here's some free advice. Don't go in trying to push any new policy, stay neutral and just worry about taking care of those mundane things called "constitute services" You just have a little over a year until the next cycle begins

  • NE John

    I'm not waiting, they are all down at my intersection. Congrats to Kenyan. Go away Hunter.

  • NE John

    Kenyan McDuffie does come off as a good "black" guy, noting that all the candidates were black. Some of the others clearly are bigots. It is a good thing for Ward 5 that McDuffie won.

  • DJ Ren

    Great news - congratulations to Kenyan, and to Ward 5, which will now have a solid leader...

  • RealDC

    ....We'll see...

  • I’ll be here all week

    Now we have a Kenyan in the City Council and the White House

    /rim shot

  • tony

    Ward 5 black residents finally got their "great" alternative to Harry Thomas. This great black progressive that white folks loves. Let's see what his politics will be and whether his politics benefits his black constituents or "others." And don’t give me that business that he will represent "all". The hard reality is that the pie is not big enough for "all." Someone is going to get left out. Black folks in this city will learn the hard way the importance of electing people who represents their interests and not someone who others say is best for them. Time will tell whether Kenyan will align himself with Wells, Evans and Catania or whether he advocates and represents a black agenda that strengthens the black middle class and preserves the black working class. I have my doubts!!

  • puzzled

    I'm pretty sure Wells and Evans are not on the same page on lots of issues. I would hope McFuffie will advance the interests of ward 5 and of the district, regardless of race.

  • Throw The Book

    That's where I have an issue with McDuffie. If he is with the "progressive" bandwagon, native Washingtonians are in trouble in Ward 5. "Progressive" wards have pretty much kicked all of the natives out and are filled with new residents coming to the city.

    If McDuffie does not play his cards right, he will be voted out of office by the powers that be in Ward 5. Michigan Park, Taft Terrace, Edgewood, Lamont Riggs, Trinidad, Fort Totten etc will vote that man out if he doesnt take care of business. Thats something a Tommy Wells endorsement cant save..

  • tony

    The Washington Post quotes Kenyan as saying "It’s a mandate — people want ethical, honest leadership." Oh really, Kenyan. Nah, man, what people want is good and strong leaders who will represents their interests. What people want are leaders who will advocate their interests. What people want, Mr. McDuffie, are leaders who will help to create a political, social, and economic environment in which they could obtain a quality life. That’s what people want, KENYAN MCDUFFIE!! Brother, if you are interested in policing ones moral conduct, than maybe you should seek your former position as a prosecutor, but since you have chosen to become a public servant in the form of an elected politician, the public expectation of you is far more real than surreal.

  • Mary-Austin

    Finally we have someone in here that is not an embarrassment.
    The people on here making threats that he better not be a progressive are the equivalent of the tea party. Thankfully their numbers are declining here in Ward 5!

  • NE John

    Let's hope Mr McDuffie progressively attacks the sidewalk problem in front of my property. Neither Thomas nor Orange would do it!

  • NE John

    But, deep down we all realize that the secret black tea party society of NE knows "progressive" is just a code word for KKK white power wielded by a native DC black former mailman.

  • NE John

    This revolution is brought to you by Crest, 7 out of 10 dentists agree!

  • Ward 1 Voter

    NE John, a former letter carrier ought to be particularly sensitive to the condition of sidewalks.

    Here's hoping that McDuffie can be a forceful advocate for the interests of Ward 5 *and* an example of and advocate for ethical, honest leadership *and* a strong progressive. That would be something new for Ward 5 on all counts.

  • Tom in Michigan Park

    This is FANTASTIC!!! Thankfully, the voters of Ward 5 cast aside a homophobic, financial deadbeat (Hunter) and a clueless has-been (Wilds).

    BTW, Throw the Book, Michigan Park (Precinct 67) overwhelmingly voted for Mr. McDuffie.

    Fortunately, Michigan Park is changing, too. Both "long-time" residents and "newcomers" are desperate for ethical leadership after the pathetic behavior of HTJ.

    We in Michigan Park look forward to working with our new Councilmember. Yeah!

  • BMBoston

    MCDuffie talks about ethics, and honest.... Does he know that his new elected Economic Advisor is a Deadbeat, and Child Support is searching actively searching for him. You have to keep your team clean & honest to be successful.

  • mona

    BMBoston...who is his economic advisor. Don't start off his new job in office with rumors. Name names as a ward 5 resident I want to know if this is true. McDuffie may not know they are a deadbeat and this could be the way to expose them and not lead to Mcduffie being embarassed

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    mona: I didn't realize we get to elected "Economic Advisors" in DC. Guess the Home Rule Charter changed overnight! I wonder if BMBoston is William Boston, a candidate who dropped out and supported Delano Hunter.