Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

Former inspector general found problems with Jeff Thompson's giving nearly a decade ago. (What did the Council do? They got rid of the IG). [Times]

Would-be Thompson health care firm buyer settled fraud case in Kentucky [Times]

Councilmembers have televised meeting on budget today. Then, when cameras are off, the real horse trading begins [Post]

Judge signs off on Harry Thomas Jr.'s request to be sent to a prison far away from his family [Post]

D.C. Council trying to stick it to ICE [Times]

David Catania says deal is near for health care funding for immigrants [Examiner]

Education reform is dying, says Jonetta Rose Barras, and Kaya Henderson is killing it [Examiner]

District teams with HUD to try and climb out of affordable housing mess [Post]

GGW says Michael Brown is spreading false info on zoning rewrite! [GGW]

Booze sellers don't want tax on booze selling [NBC4]

  • NE John

    Why do these muther fukkers turn the cameras off?

  • City Dude

    Under the guise of health services for poor, housing for poor and so on..they will give away 2 billion(35%) dollars so that, THE RULERS and their friends can get the contracts and marginally serve the poor(Never uplifting them out of poverty) and encourage more poor to come to District and rip us off more...What a city?

  • h street landlord

    Not looking good for Thompson. Although i would love to see him drop the dime on some of these politicians. Indictments for all!