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Machen Takes Victory Lap on Kojo Show

U.S. Attorney Ron Machen, the world's most boring radio guest, was just on the The Kojo Nnamdi Show taking a well-deserved victory lap after Harry Thomas Jr. received a 38-month prison sentence.

Why is Machen such a boring guest? Because he can't say squat (for good reason, of course) about the long-running federal investigations of Mayor Vince Gray and D.C. Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown.

Is the mayor or the chairman (or both) going to be facing corruption charges? Machen can't say.

Is it going to happen soon? Machen can't say.

Is Sulaimon Brown the best informant the federal government has ever had. Machen can't say. (Note: that question wasn't actually asked.)

But Machen could talk about Thomas and how his more than three-year prison sentence is a stark reminder for other pols of the perils of public corruption.

"That will definitely get your attention," Machen says.

No kidding?

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • NE John

    Good work Mr. Machen, colleagues and staff! Clean our city!

  • drez

    I like how the photos in the latest several LL posts tell their own story.
    1) Photo of HTJ with luminous dunce cap on
    2) Photo of HTJ looking confused, chewing on his nails
    3) Photo of what may be HTJ's actual leather chaps (need to confirm this one with the staff at The Eagle)
    4) Photo of lawman who got HTJ convicted.

    Very humorous. Good times.

  • KeepinItReal


  • deborah

    I be glad when they get David Catania, Jack Evans and Jim Graham for all the money they have been stealing for the last century!

  • Truth hurts

    , I believe the mayor and Kwame will both be indicted this year. If that happens, 2012 will go down in history as the most corrupt year in the city's history. Keep up the good job, Machen.