Loose Lips

Morning Links

Harry Thomas Jr.'s sentencing is this morning. Mayor Gray says his heart goes out to Thomas' family [Post]

UDC's Allen Sessoms, the almost-Rhee [WCP]

Gray's plan to keep bars open later gets nixed in committee, is far from dead [Post]

Ward 5 candidate Delano Hunter explains his unpaid debts [Post]

How much is Police Chief Cathy Lanier going to get paid? [Times]

Immediate future not bright for development of Poplar Point [WBJ] (How about a catering business?)

No new booze sellers on U Street? [HC]


  • Throw The Book

    So long Harry!! Don't drop the soap

  • NE John

    drop it

  • DJ Ren

    One More time, for good measure...


  • Drez

    Let's hope they let him out for jail soon- so he can take his rightful place in forthcoming prosecutions regarding the other $200K that LL yesterday reported is missing.

  • InTheMixx

    I believe Sessoms has done a great job turning a nearly defunct public college in the District around. He put the school on the right track. They need to keep him until the job is done.