Loose Lips

This is a Man’s World?

At a campaign event for Ward 5 D.C. Council candidate Frank Wilds this morning, former Ward 1 Councilmember Frank Smith told the small crowd of supporters that Wilds was the best man for the job because he's, well, a man.

"Sometimes you need to send a man to do a man's job," Smith said, after prefacing that he didn't mean for his comments to come off as sexist.

LL thinks Smith may be wrong, though: When's the last time a female elected official embarrassed the city over an ethics flap?

  • @SamuelMoore

    Cough, CMYMA getting fined for illegal use of her CSF.

  • Ward One Resident

    Sharon Pratt Kelly and her $100K office renovation.

  • ColHgts

    Eleanor Holmes Norton and hubby didn't file taxes from 1982-89. They ended up forking over $80,000.

    Muriel Bowser still hasn't fired staffer caught up in unemployment fraud scheme.

  • NE John

    Frank Wilds is a pussy.

  • John

    Mary Cheh's conflicting legislation cuts off tax revenue for the city. First she gets the Tregaron tax free 13 acre park and in return Tregaron promises 8 house lots with taxes flowing to the city to increase tax revenue. Then Mary Cheh puts in a budget amendment that changes Klingle Road to a hike/bike path making 5 of the Tregaron house lots useless. No tax revenue to the city, year after year and no 2 million dollar houses will be built.

  • Tom in Michigan Park

    Frank Wilds is a 68 year-old has-been, and not capable of leading a changing Ward 5. His performance at the March 3rd debate was embarrassing.

    In sending correspondence to all 11+ candidates following the debate, he was the ONLY one without an e-mail address!

    He's an old fart that I certainly will NOT vote for.