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Harry Thomas Jr. Tells Judge He’s Sorry

Disgraced former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. is sorry for stealing $350,000 worth of city money. Very very very sorry. Or at least, that's what he told the federal judge whose job it is to determine how much prison time Thomas gets.

Thomas' sentencing is set for Thursday. In advance of the sentencing, prosecutors and Thomas' lawyers filed memos (late Friday, thanks a lot!) supporting their view of how much prison time Thomas should get. The feds want 46 month, Thomas wants only 18. As is usual before sentencing, Thomas' friends have written letters to Judge John Bates talking up Thomas' positive attributes.

Also included in the letters is a note from Thomas himself, telling Bates that he accepts full responsibility for his wrong actions.

"As I have always said to those I have mentored: 1% or 100%, wrong is wrong. Clearly, what I did was wrong," Thomas says. "By violating the trust that people placed in me, I brought shame not only on myself, but on my family and my supporters."

And so on and so forth. Here's Thomas' letter and several of his supporters':

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • old man

    Can LL make it his business to call the Board of Directors of all the organizations on the letterhead of the support letters and ask them if it's cool to write letters of support for convicted felons. Is Arthur Cotton Moore down with letter where his name is on the letterhead? The YMCA? Really?

    And is it reasonable for the Vice President of the State Board of Education to write in support of HTJ on official government letter head?! Shenanigans.

    Is it surprising that folks showing poor judgement are writing in support who violated the public trust so brazenly?

    In closing, I hope the judge takes into account his wide and varied base of support and sentences him appropriately so he's not able to mount another campaign in Ward 5. To his credit (or the discredit of Ward 5) it seems imminently possible that he could be elected given the concerted effort in these letters to minimize the gravity of his betrayal of the public trust.

  • Shameless

    I think is absolutely unacceptable for the VP of the State Board of Education to write a letter of support on official letterhead.

    Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

  • Kathy

    Why is the name of the letter writer in Exhibit 33 "redacted"? That seems like a really strange thing to do in a court document filing when someone is attempting to say what a great person the defendant is ... but that person wouldn't want their name associated with Thomas?? Definitely not a good reference for Tommy! I had to laugh about that one.

  • Elysian

    Kathy - The name is that letter is presumably redacted because the writer is a child (or at least under 18). The letter writer talks about being friends with his son and playing t-ball with him. I would suppose the Judge can probably see it, but it was redacted for the child's benefit before the letter was posted to the Internet.

  • Drez

    Letters on official letterhead?
    Someone definitely needs share those with the heads and oversight boards of those entities.
    What a bunch of crap.

  • KeepinItReal

    Haterz!!!! Relax. This will all be over soon.

    You people have an unnatural blood lust.

  • NE John

    Fuk Thomas. Throw the book at him judge, literally!

  • NE John

    Knock him upside his simple mf head and make the pages fly loose.

  • Race Matters

    I agree with Drez, it's inappropriate to use a company's letterhead for something like this, that's not company related. Those that did use their company's letterhead should be terminated.

  • never ends

    Drez is right, also notice several government employees like those from Parks and Rec. writing on his behalf. Total bunch of crap.

  • Dog-House Worthy

    Dumb people still support HTJ. This guy's Con-game will never end because Dogs bark, Cats meow, HTJ lies and cons! Let's hope the Judge makes the right decision...max for this loser!

  • Typical DC BS

    Why is anyone surprised that HTJ has supporters?

    We all got to see Mayor Barry hitting the pipe on TV, but lots of people still vote for him. CM Barry also thought paying his federal and DC taxes was optional. But still people vote for the man.

    And we wonder why we have idiots and crooks governing DC? All we have to do is look in the mirror to discover why.