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Marion Barry Blames Tom Sherwood for Recent Problems

Who is to blame for Mayor-for-Life-turned-Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's recent race-related troubles, which began a few weeks ago when Barry complained about the "dirty shops" of Asian business owners and got worse when he complained about the high number of Filipino nurses?

NBC 4 reporter and Barry biographer Tom Sherwood, of course.

Barry held court this afternoon at the Wilson Building for what ostensibly was a budget hearing on Asian community groups Barry's committee oversees. In the face of pretty powerful and damning statements from Asian community leaders, Barry repeatedly tried to turn the focus away from what he'd said and instead blame the media for distorting his words and sensationalizing his message. Barry also chided some of the witnesses speaking out against him, telling them in a pretty-darn-patronizing kind of way that they were falling into a "media trap."

On several occasions, Barry singled out Sherwood as the the media's most evil trapper. It was Sherwood, after all, who first ran the clip of Barry saying the "dirty shops" line at his victory party on election night.

Barry said Sherwood deliberately took a small segment of his 20-minute speech and "blew it up to make you all think that I was the biggest bigot in town."

In response, Sherwood says he's just the messenger: "As good a reporter as I am, Barry's words speak for themselves."

Don't let Barry's media-hating rhetoric fool you. Barry loves the media (Sherwood included), or at least the attention the media brings, more than any politician in town. How much? So much that he ended the hearing before it was done in part because he had to go do a radio interview.

  • Gomezstn

    SInce the bitch set him up and now Tom Sherwood set him up, does this mean that Tom Sherwood is the bitch in disguise?

  • Typical DC BS

    Amazing that he's able to keep his job, considering how his statements would cause a firestorm if the word "black" was substituted for "asian" or "Filipino".

  • Race Matters

    Race still matters according to Dr. Cornell West and Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing.

    Marion Barry is old and senile.

  • Native

    It's his nature. He's always been a race-baiter that made his name playing racial politics. He's done more damage to our city's race relations than any single person.

  • DC Native Part II

    Perfect example of the double standard that is "race relations" in this country. It is fine for certain races to say and feel any way they want. They even celebrate their bigotry, and re-elect their worst offenders. But if other races say or do anything even remotely similar, it becomes a national media circus and a collective stain on our psyche. We must begin holding everyone to the same standard or America will remain divided. Equality across the board. No more special exceptions!

  • Ward 1 Voter

    MB is a joke. A stupid, pathetic joke.

  • What a wonderful DC

    Blah Blah Blah.... I dont understand what he said wrong the people that live in DC ( The Blacks)should have opportunities to be nurses.. What a world... what the hell is wrong with people in DC( The Whites) in the words of Florida Evans from Good times DAMN!!!! DAMN!!! DAMN!!!

  • Drez

    Everyone does have the opportunity.
    Not enough locals avail themselves of those opportunities.
    That's why.

  • blkwrestl


  • P. Sherwood

    If this were a movie the camera would have downward short towards Barry with a raised fist and as the camera pulls back he'd exclaim, "SSSSHERRRRWOOOOOOOD!!!!"


    PS. Extra points for the use of Comic Sans, Suderman. ;-)

  • P. Sherwood


  • Drez


  • DC Resident

    I AM ASHAMED OF ELEANOR HOLMES-NORTON. She asked Barry to "try to avoid" that type of language in the future. I wonder if that's how she would have phrase it, had it been a comment about black nurses or dirty black shops. Shame on you all!

  • Old People

    What did Granddaddy say now? Ok, pops that is the way you feel. He's okay, just a little old, he is harmless. Go get'em a baked fish sandwich and a diet soda. It will be better in the morning. You gotta lov'em. If you notice Marion has an Asian look about him, around the eyes. He might be a heir to the Ming Dynasty. Yat ko mein to you too.

  • thatshitcray

    I challenge you to go to any of the metro stations around town and encourage the youth hanging around to go to school and make something of themselves. The response you will get will tell you why we need "foreigners" to fill our specialized jobs.

  • Former DC Resident, now in NOVA

    And people wonder why his neighborhoods suffer...when the fish rots, it rots from the head down.

    Until his constituients vote him out, they'll continue to be represented by this bitter, ignorant old man.


    Marion, UDC has a nursing program both at the community college level and Undergrad level. If folks aren't applying themselves to become nurses, that's on them. Don't fault someone for taking advantage of a shortage. That's pretty smart to me, filling a demand for a particular service. Man, MB, retire already!!!

  • Keith B.

    Should have got that GED blkwrstlr.

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Susan

    Mayor Barry still has the touch!!!! Congratulations Sir Barry!! You have SPOKEN nothing but the truth on both issues. Phillipine nurses are rude and Asian restaurants in the District are nasty and wouldn't pass a health inspection test if they paid the inspectors.

    Lets not confuse the issues. Do not HATE the one who has the nerve to tell the truth. Isn't that what HATERS really hate about MB? You hate him because he SPEAKS the truth!!

    Only in our dreams will we find another Mayor like that. RIGHT NOW we are just in a BAD BAD DREAM with Vince.


  • nr

    Marion Barry for mayor. I love it. haha haha a

  • http://washingtoncitypaper.com southeast lady

    As far as the "dirty Asian restaurants go", the District is supposed to have food inspectors that should take care of and prevent such incidents. I don't know who down at the City Council has oversight over food inspections, but Barry should be talking to them first of all.

    Many of the "corner", "Jew", "Asian", "Ethiopian", "Afro-American"(just kidding) stores that are in Ward 8 are old, dirty, nasty, outdated, caged, people hanging around, no grass, no nothing buildings.

    However, it is that part of the City Council body that has some input on this crap. Barry should have approached his fellow city councilman about his concern and not go the race-baiting way that he did and always do.

    The demographics of Ward 8 has changed and is changing and maybe the riff raff fake political folks will be voted out.

  • mary nelson

    Putting down a man speaking the truth shows just how ignorant some of you are.