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Some People in Ward 5 Really Don’t Like Tim Day

It was nearly two years ago when Tim Day, then a Republican candidate for the Ward 5 council seat, got the ball rolling on an investigation into former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr.

Since Day first started raising questions about Thomas' not-so-nonprofit, Thomas has plead guilty to stealing more than $350,000 in public money. He's set for sentencing next week and is almost certainly going to be spending the next couple of years in prison.

But things haven't been rosy for Day either. He says he's been the frequent target of harassment and vandalism by Thomas supporters who are angry at him for helping to bring down their man. Day, who is running in the special election for Thomas' vacant Ward 5 seat, says he's been accosted by Thomas supporters, had his house egged ("I stopped counting at six times," he says), and had his car keyed twice.

Day says someone also went to no small effort to rip off the Human Rights Campaign bumper sticker on his ride and wrote "fucking Republican" on his car in shoe polish.

The Washington Times reported on Day's troubles this morning, noting that he's a little frustrated with the police response to crimes committed against him. "Maybe the police should do their job and actually be seen," he tells LL.

Day says he's got no plans on backing down or dropping out of the race. In response to the theft of the yard signs in his front lawn, Day says he's put up a giant sign (5 foot by 10 foot). "I hope that they try and steal" the sign, he says.

  • http://www.microventuresupport.org Jerome Peloquin

    I posted this comment on The Brookland and Ward 5 Listserves:

    Tim's boasting about his criticism of Harry Thomas was only early electioneering. Given his performance from our perspective he could change his name to Harry Day without fear of misunderstanding.

    Re: Timothy Day's Candidacy

    I would like to note my objection to Tim Day's candidacy. I set forth my arguments and reasoning below.

    Let me clarify that these comments are in reference to the early stages of the PUD approval and deliberation for the major project presently disrupting the intersections of 7th Street, Monroe, and Michigan Ave in Brookland adjacent to Catholic University. These events took place in the fall of 2009 and well before final approvals of plans and documents.

    It is my belief and personal conviction that Mr. Day while serving as ANC 5C.10 intentionally mislead many of the current residents regarding the current, above referenced CUA construction project . He repeatedly promised us that he would make our case and objections known to the planning and zoning authorities, the developer, and to CUA. He made this promise in SMD meetings and before a number of residents. He told us also that he objected to ABDO's refusal to sign a community benefits agreement and that his concerns mirrored ours about inadequate traffic and hydrology studies, setbacks and height and density issues.

    Contrary to his statement to his constituents, on the day of the Zoning hearing Mr Day testified that there were NO OBJECTIONS to the project and that his SMD approved it. Upon completion of his testimony, the lawyer for the CUA/ABDO development team actually patted him on the shoulder. Although I have no objective proof, it is my firm conviction that an improper relationship existed between Mr. Day and the developer or his agents. For example; I would like to know if Mr. Day's public accounting firm has had any subsequent dealings with either Bozzuto, Abdo, or CUA and would he testify to this under oath and/or in a "deposition."

    Obviously, I have only my observations of his behaviors and his shocking turn-around at the hearings. I can find no other explanation for his drastic change in behavior. Finally, as a public official one must avoid the appearance of impropriety. I made this point on this list serve regarding our former council member's dealings with EYA on the St Paul's project. I believe were there is smoke there is fire. We have had enough of this chickanery. Let's not make it worse. Neither I, nor anyone of those whose trust he violated will be at the "meet and greet." I urge you not to attend either.

  • CG

    Tim Day should move far away from HTJ's militia, to a place where stealing from children is acknowledged as the crime it is rather than a badge of honor.

  • DC5

    Day just ran as a republican delegate for Newt Gingrich... 'nuf said.

  • Barrie Daneker


    You've lost your mind! All you NIMBY's bitch about taxes and affordable housing in DC and none of you have a clue about either. Tim Day has integrity for sure, so for you to suggest otherwise is down right AWFUL! Do us a favor and stop your conjecture and get with the real world. You don't like the development ok but to suggest something else was a foot is libelous and wrong. Although Day with not win, at least he took down the corruption and it standing up to do the right thing is no reason for your comments.

  • blkwrestl

    Maybe Tim Day should move to Virginia where everyone is so "scrupulous", better yet take on the NRA. I am sick of these self righteous white people who come into the District and act like they stand for integrity. Where were they when Bush was in office? Better yet, before DC became "in" where were these people when long suffering residents had to endure the wrath of a Congress that treat DC like a plantation? Are they supporting statehood for the District? And forget the crap about Barry. Are we to understand that politicians in the other 50 states have not done equal or worse to their constituents? If you don't like DC or it's politics why not try VA. Lets see how effective you will be with a legislature that would rather have you in your cars for 3 hours per day than support public transportation.

  • Rob


    I agree. Great post!!!

  • NE John

    blkwrestl and the rest of you black racists should take a chill pill and get real. Your statements about white people are greatly offending to those who happen to be white and live in this city. It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Tim Day's property being vandalized. Just for the record, my white family has been in DC since 1839, so go fuk yourselves.

  • Keith B.

    Someone's posting sounds like he lost a sugar daddy

    but why you mad though?

  • Ward5Dude

    Tim Day is African American

  • I. J.

    Tim Day is an African American Uncle Tom

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Susan

    I met Tim Day and I think he is out of touch with the overall needs of Ward 5. I will probably vote for Hubbard.

  • blkwrestl

    NE JOHN Here is my very basic response STFU!

  • ResourceQueen

    Some of these comments defy logic. First, if Mr. Day was involved in corruption, wouldn't his outrage at Dirty Harry shes light ob his so-called relationship with the orgs he was accused of making deals with?
    Second, Mr. Day is a lifelong Ward5 resident, educated in DCPS, who tjought the children of DC are important and shouldnt be stolen from.

  • MaryS

    @Jerome Peloquin - I was at many of the meetings and it seems that the development was inevitable. Mr. Day worked with the community and came up with an agreement. You need to understand the whole process before you criticize and make accusations. You seem to be the only one angry about the development.
    Mr. Day IS an advocate for Ward 5, has lived there his whole life, his family was raised there, and is just trying to do good things for it, spend tax dollars wisely to improve it, and has the desire to make sure political figures are honest and held accountable in their spending of tax dollars. This is not about a badge of honor for Tim Day but making our political figures accountable for their spending and ensure there is no misuse of our tax dollars. Because if we don't stop it the affect is increased taxes! And by the way, Tim Day is just as much African American/White as President Obama. Saying he's an "Uncle Tom" is like saying President Obama is an "Uncle Tom." I am voting for Tim Day - he is the right person to get a good job done and is trustworthy. Frankly I am frustrated at the stupidity of some of the Ward 5 voters who just need to go listen to Tim Day at some of the debates. I'm a Democrat, have been to several debates, and will be voting for Tim Day to better my community.

  • Jordan S

    I'm kind of shocked that there is so much resentment for a man who called out a thief! Seriously people! HTJ was stealing money for our children and seniors, and Tim Day was the ONLY one to stand up to him. He's done more for Ward 5 than anyone running, and definitely more than most of you nags commenting on this article. But, go ahead, support the candidate who can't pay his bills or hold a job - and we'll be right back in the same position in a year! I'm not a Republican nor a supporter of Tim Day - but I do respect that he did what everyone else just talked about. I hope Day does win, I think this community needs a big shake up.

  • InTheMixx

    Has anyone checked Day's hands for evidence of spray paint?

  • Stephan

    Tim will set things straight after he's elected. People are crossing party lines and voting for the man who puts people - NOT MONEY - first. A vote for any other candidate is a vote for a Harry Tommy Jr Jr. Down with criminality and up with accountability and honesty.