Loose Lips

Lobbyist David Wilmot Selling Group Homes

David Wilmot, one of the District's best-connected lobbyists, is getting out of the group home business that has caused him so much bad press.

Wilmot said today at a council hearing that he's "winding down" Individual Development Inc., the non-profit, publicly funded organization that runs several group homes for the District's developmentally disabled. "We're going out of business," said Wilmot, who serves as the organization's president and chairman. He added that he's in negotiations with a potential buyer. "I am determined to get out."

In 2010, IDI was hit with $241,089.60 in fines for 10 violations of a settlement agreement with the city to improve services. But at today's hearing Wilmot at one point broke down in tears when discussing the excellent care he says IDI has provided to its patients.

So why sell? Wilmot told Ward 1 D.C. Councilmember Jim Graham that he's has little choice to sell off the group homes IDI owns because of a "broken system." Wilmot says a "biased and less than objective” federal court monitor has unfairly targeted IDI, making it impossible to continue to do business. The District's care of the developmentally disabled has long been a subject of a federal class action lawsuit, and indeed the court monitor in the case has found several problems with IDI's care.

IDI was the subject of intense scrutiny from former Attorney General Peter Nickles, who sued the company for alleged "systematic” problems with how it was caring for its patients. IDI wound up settling that case last year for $180,000.

IDI also had to contend with an Office of Inspector General report that found Wilmot's salary was well over industry standard. At one point, Wilmot, who also pulls in a hefty income lobbying for interests including Walmart, was paid $346,743 a year from IDI. And IDI also had to deal with labor trouble when 150 of his employees voted to unionize with the SEIU in 2010 over Wilmot's ardent objections.

Joining Wilmot on IDI's board are two other well-connected attorneys: Fred Cooke Jr. and A. Scott Bolden.

  • Truth hurts

    Poor, poor Wilmot. Crocodile tears.

  • Prtty Gurrl

    Good thing A. Scott Bolden now has that pure and ethical Leadership Development Council to occupy his time instead of serving on Wilmonts Group Home board making millions from DC Taxpayers to attend a mtg once a month.

  • http://urbanplacesandspaces.blogspot.com Richard Layman

    so if he "sells" the group homes, "who" gets the money? It's a nonprofit, and individuals can't benefit from the proceeds of dissolution.

  • blkwrestl

    The question now is who will provide services to the intellectually disabled? It's easy to criticize providers but will the person being critical go in and feed and clean these clients? I am not a Wilmont fan/supporter, and I have worked with the intellectually disabled. I can say that there are really no good providers.

  • tony

    Come on black folks, how many of our black, smart and well successful black people must lose everything they have before we accept the fact that there's a concerted effort to undermine black progress in this city. We can sit back and pretend that the attacks on black politicians and stakeholders are by chance and/or of their own making. But the reality is that black political and business leaders in this city are under a racist and withering attack. And to make matters worse, many of the black folks who sit back and say absolutely nothing are the same ones who benefit from--let’s say- a Gray Administration.

  • Keith B.

    tony's just jelly he doesn't make $350K running a "non-profit" with public funds

    But if you feel bad for Wilmot, maybe you can send him some monthly installments of "your own" money tony. Just don't get caught with your hand in mom's purse, ok?

  • Don’t Cry for Wilmot (or Bolden + Cooke)

    Tony says' "smart and well successful black people must lose everything they have before we accept the fact that there's a concerted effort to undermine black progress in this city".
    I hope you are referring to the workers and patients of IDI, rather than Wilmot. Since IDI’s underpaid workers are mostly black and so are the patients it is sad that Wilmot, Bolden and Cooke have taken advantage of them for so many years.
    Don't cry for those three, they will make more money when they sell IDI.

  • tony

    @Keith B. where are your insane rants about all the "other “non- profits who have been ripping this city off for decades. Where is the concern for how city funds are spent when "others" are the beneficiary? I mean where is the scrutiny into other public and private entities that have made a fortunate on the taxpayer’s dime. Why David Wilmot and company are being singled out? I know why and so do you. Unlike you, I am not afraid to say it. Again, white folks have this sick and racist mindset that they are the only ones who have the right to be. And as soon as someone else get a piece of the pie, then silly calls for investigations, transparency and oversight become the word of the day. AND WORTHLESS GARBAGE LIKE YOU SUPPORT THIS FOOLISHNESS!

    @Don't Cry for Wilmot (or Bolden + Cooke), I really don't understand your point. If you are suggesting that the attacks on Mr. Wilmont are justified because he may or may not underpay his workers, then it's reasonable to think that nearly every big business in this country should be forced to sell out including Wal-Mart and others. Again, Mr. Wilmont and any other person have the right to make a living without fear or concern of undue scrutiny and attacks.

  • Keith B.

    Sorry tony, you know I don't do insane rants. I leave it to the experts like you, wouldn't want to block yo' shine, etc etc. But I'll be sure to tell The Man that you're onto him, but you see I don't have the right complexion to get into his country club either so it might take a while. I know that's hard for you to process.

    But it sounds like you are sitting on quite the scoop there! Countless publicly funded non-profits run by White Folk are corrupt?! Post about it, brother -- email Sunderman, write the OIG, bring it to light! You have all the makings of a future investigative journalist! You just need to take that first step. I believe in you, brother!

    And lastly, it seems you completely missed the point of Don't Cry's post and how that relates to Wilmot overpaying himself, while underpaying workers, for a NON-PROFIT run with PUBLIC FUNDS (ie, not his money; our money). I mean, I know critical thinking is not your forte, but I'll suppose that's also someone else's fault, right?

  • I. J.

    You Uncle Toms and White racist's kill me with your sarcasism. Did you attack that drunk David Catania for his unehtical behavior towards Marion Barry and that thug Jim Graham for stealing from the taxi cab industry?

  • Keith B.

    It's nice that you compare Barry, a seasoned politician with plenty of experience fighting for himself with the poor and mentally infirm who certainly can't. Even I give MB more credit than that.

    But to answer your questions, newjack, yes. But it's cute to see you (black) White Knighting for your damsel tony, so please, keep it up!

  • blkwrestl

    It is becoming more apparent that you white gentifiers need to relocate to VA or whereever the hell you are from. THAT'S right, you still maintain your vote in your home state. In 10 years you will be back in your suburbs fat and stupid. Get out of DC, we will push you out.