Loose Lips

Old School Pols to Headline Good Government Fundraiser

The old crew is getting back together! Former Mayor Anthony Williams, former D.C. Council Chairwoman Linda Cropp, former At-Large Councilmember Bill Lightfoot and former Ward 6 Councilmember Sharon Ambrose are headlining a fundraiser tomorrow for the D.C. Leadership Development Council, a new nonprofit whose aim is to "prepare ethical, knowledgeable candidates for local offices."

Ambrose says the fundraiser, which will be held at high-profile defense attorney A. Scott Bolden's law office, is a chance to rub shoulders with former elected officials "who were dedicated, ethical public servants." And she says giving to the D.C. LDC is a chance to "stop complaining" about the sorry state of D.C. government. (For good measure, she threw in the line about either being part of the problem or the solution.)

Rubbing shoulders with the political giants of old ain't cheap. The fundraiser invitation says the minimum donation is $100, and "requested" contribution is $500.

  • Mr. Remember

    Grandma Ambrose (Betty White) of DC Politics. Why couldn't we have the Joan Rivers of Politics?

  • drez

    ...the fundraiser, which will be held at high-profile defense attorney A. Scott Bolden's law office, is a chance to rub shoulders with former elected officials...
    In other news: Irony is still dead.

  • Keith B.

    Did Kevin Chavous, Jr get an invite? I'm sure he can afford the entry fee now that he's free of late night K St distractions...

  • Keith B.

    (I'm only partly kidding, this might actually help some GOOD people learn how to get involved in politics)

    (the other part of me thinks they could just make a PowerPoint that says "DONT STEAL FROM THE FUCKING TAXPAYERS" cuz that would cost a lot less than $100)

  • InTheMixx

    A. Scott Bolden is 'high profile' where the District of Columbia is concerned. Don't hate the player, hate the game. In fact, just stop hating altogether, it's VERY unattractive. How about that!

  • Angry BDC Voter

    Bill Lightfoot? Isn't he hopelessly outclassed in this company? Lightfoot is more of the order of a Kevin Chavous or a Harold Brazill, lightweight show ponies with an aversion to hard work or challenges, or the utterly corrupt John Ray. Linda Cropp or Tony Williams he is not. I will also never forget that when the going got tough, Lightfoot got going. Harold had more personal integrity.

  • loveWard8

    Scott Bolden is going to be invovled in a an ethics in government program? That's a joke, right? Why not invite Harry Thomas, Jr?

  • RealDC

    Oh, this sounds like some bulls***! Yep, look at the organizers, this will quickly become a clownfest.

  • DC Tax Payer

    Check out the 28 member advisory list. It reads like a list of past old timers and current DC light weights who want to make a fast buck. I'm sure not gonna leave this group $500 of my money. Who dreams up this stuff anyways. The only surprise is that Tony Williams would get near this group.

  • Lovelace

    I don't think it's the "high profile" part that is ironic; moreso that he's hosting the "good gov" mixer. jussayin.

  • AM Next

    My only experience with Sharon Ambrose was years ago when Carol Wright, the manager of Eastern Market Flea Market on Saturdays, forced the market vendors to write $50 campaign contributions to Ms. Ambrose. Anyone who refused would be out of the market. When we complained to Ms. Ambrose, she saw no problem with the practice. Will she be chairing the "Pay to Play" sub-committee of this group?

  • AM Next

    Oh, and this is priceless:

    The president of DC Leadership Advisory Council is Michael C. Rogers, who most recently served as Vice Chair and CEO of DC Healthcare System, Inc., parent company for DC Chartered Health Plan.

    Is this the same DC Healthcare System Inc. that, along with its owner, Jeffrey Thompson, has systematically bought off DC politicians over the past decade with massive amounts of bundled (and possibly illegal) campaign contributions?