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Ted Loza Out of Prison

The AP was first to notice that Ted Loza, the former chief of staff to Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, has been released from federal prison.

Loza pleaded guilty a little more than a year ago to receiving gratuities and making false statements in connection with corruption in the D.C. taxi industry. After spending eight months in prison, he'll now be on probation for another year.

Loza had a starring role, albeit an unwitting one, in the FBI's ham-handed and unsuccessful attempt to get Graham to accept bribes. The feds also tried to charge Loza with bribery, but couldn't get the charges to stick.

LL's already noted how Loza got off with a pretty sweet deal in whole cab investigation, considering the length of prison time others involved in the conspiracy are getting. And consider also the fate of Leon Swain, the former taxicab commissioner who worked undercover for the FBI for two years helping to make a case against Loza. Swain, as the Post recently noted, had to deal with the enormous stresses of living a double life. His repayment: the Gray administration first kicked him off the United Medical Center board before firing him as taxi commissioner.

Asked if he'd consider rehiring Loza, Graham says he has no comment other than to say that he didn't know Loza is now out of prison.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

  • Name

    Gawd, I hope Loza helps bring down JG.

  • Mabel Simmons

    Well Ted be deported by to his native South American country and be denied citizenship because he's a felon?

  • http://btolson1@verizonnet.com Susan

    Only in DC will you find that felons prosper further in careers than those whom are educated.

  • brightwood35

    @susan Are you saying that Loza is not educated? Or are you saying that because he's a felon he must not have been educated?

  • rosesdc

    Let him be. Sentence served , lessons learned. Little chance that he would be able to catch up with the big crooks working the Wilson Building for their own benefit.

  • 16th & Military Road, NW

    Deport him back to South America.

  • I. J.

    Graham should have been locked up too. Why don't you folks talk about that.

  • Maria

    Ted is a criminal
    He went around town sleeping with Latino women from restaurants who he helped get jobs so he could have sex with .
    As a result he has 2 kids from different girls who he ows thousands in child support
    Not to coins the 5 kids he has with the two living wives

    And Jim Graham needs to step down
    He is the uncaught felon that taught Ted his little tricks