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Mayor Vince Gray to give the District budget autonomy by switching the start date of fiscal year? [Times]

Washington Teachers' Union says shame on the mayor, D.C. Council chairman [Examiner]

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Stunt journalism shows that someone could have voted illegally on behalf of Attorney General Eric Holder if they really wanted to [Post]

Man's L.L. Bean bike gets stolen near Catholic University, man goes insane [Daily Caller]

Asian groups not satisfied with Marion Barry's not-really-an-apology [Post]

Caribbean Day cancelled, for now, due to money problems [HC]

Development booming, if you haven't noticed [Examiner]

Furloughed workers should get repaid [DCFPI]

Here's one way to get paid leave from Metro [Examiner]

Howard Theatre, now open for business [AD]

D.C.'s plan to modernize cabs [WAMU]


  • http://www.torchblazers.blogspot.com lioneagle

    Greetings -

    I'm a 56-year-old Black lady who doesn't support any form of racism. That said, I'm not qualified to comment about the matters of Ward 8 as I don't know enough about them.

    Relative to Asian-Americans or any others, for that matter, I celebrate caring, wise, responsible and hard-working people. Trifling, irresponsible and selfish people exist in all cultures...

    A major bone of contention for me is people who indulge in such purchases as $200.00 tennis shoes and expensive fashions...when clearly the funds could be more wisely spent... Many of those said people don't have incomes to justify such unwise purchases.

    Some of those same people resent when others make reasonable financial choices, such as for business owner pursuits, educational savings, home purchases, etc. Typically, folks in this wise choice group don't buy $200.00 tennis shoes and make other ridiculous expenditures. They make sound investments while the player haters shop and showboat their rapidly depreciating items.

    Recently, I read about a man who is filing for bankruptcy. Among his possessions - two hundred pairs of tennis shoes. That's ridiculous and a major waste of money. Sensible people don't do such nonsense.

    In sum, we all need to change in varied areas. May GOD help us all.

  • Name

    Mayor Gray knows that they quickest way to reduce the rate of gentrification is to mess with the school budget and sow the seeds of uncertainty within schools. They saw that Fenty's plan was to modernize the schools and raise standards, but that also brought white people, coffee shops and bike lanes. However, Gray and Kwame answer to older voters. Voters who got by with no education and who survived the endemic violence caused by lack of education and opportunities. They don't care if their grandkids are able to get a useful education. They don't understand that the world around DC is rapidly advancing and that DC kids are getting left behind. As long as they can get to church and their rent stays low, they'll sacrifice another generation of kids.

  • Sick of the Crying….

    It sounds to me more like the teachers union who doesn't care. They voted FOR a contract which would increase their pay from INVISIBLE MONEY and now are mad the the money is in fact INVISIBLE and needs to come from somewhere! If they had held Fenty AND Rhee accountable THEN instead of falling for the okey doke, there would be no scramble to find money to pay for the crazy agreement they made years ago with someone who was already robbing Peter to pay Paul. Your ENTIRE budget has been increased over the last 6 years like no other agency in ANY BIG CITY GOVT, but NOW your mad that they have to find money so YOU can get these REDICULOUS bonuses that YOU signed away your rights for? If 4 of you GIVE UP the right to recieve those $25,000 a year EXTRA bonuses and there is your cost of two employees. But NOOOO, that's too much like caring for you. If teachers used all that extra time they put towards protesting into staying 30 minutes after school to meet with a parent that's been trying to get in touch with you or help a child that's falling behind, maybe DCPS would be a better place. All I see as a parent is the principal saying he can't MAKE a teacher stay after or come in early to meet, the teacher is too busy during the day and he can't take their free period from them, and the teacher can't be interrupted during class so if I need to address something all I can get is a 10 minute window as the teacher prepares for their day. BULL!&IT!!!! If YOU are not happy with your job, go find employment elsewhere! I'm sick of all the crying from DCPS!

  • drez

    Why is summer school being offered for only half-days with no aftercare provisions? It's a sure-fire way to decrease enrollment as no working parents will be able to afford to work half-days all summer.
    Is this a backdoor budget cut? It sure looks like one.

  • Typical DC BS

    @Sick of the Crying: Love your phrase "...the okey doke.."!!! I haven't heard that in years. Need to start using it again.