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Sekou Biddle and the District’s Nonexistent Racial Divide

LL was on the Kojo Nnamdi Show today with At-large candidate Sekou Biddle. Here's what Biddle had to say about the racial divide (or lack thereof) among the District's voters.

Here's the map LL referenced in the clip, which clearly shows that the at-large race broke down along racial lines. After Biddle spoke, independent at-large candidate David Grosso, whose big contest will be in November's general election, phoned in to say that the only divide he sees in the District is between those who want an ethical elected officials and those who presumably do not.

"I don't see the racial divide at this point," Grosso says.


  • Yes it’s me

    Sadly, Biddle is useless. I assume he has an African name and a white wife. Enough said..as much as the white people on these pages say he is ethical they seem to forget that he was endorsed jointly by crook gray and crook brown in his special election that he lost. As mentioned earlier, he brings nothing to the table but his Tom appeal with an African name. And...."he makes Clerance Thomas look like Malcolm X."

  • DT

    Omega Black -- I'm not white, I'm just not good at letting excuses stop me from achiving my goals and happiness. Wish more people would try / get it, we would all be better off.

  • TrueDat

    Sorry, typo in earlier post, meant to say "criticize".

  • Mabel Simmons

    It's so depressing to read many of these comments. However, race and racism still exits and matters. Reading the headlines in th Washington Post and New York Daily News in regards to the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman shooting, I've never read so many racist comments full of such hate. All white people aren't racist. However, most don't realize their racist behavior. Whites are afford privilege in this country and blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Asians can be prejudice too. However, whites have the power in this country to contol everything. Sekou Biddle is a white man in a black man's body. In my opinion, Biddle and Fenty both saw themselves as white and wanted to be accepted by Caucasians. I ain't made at them.

  • DiazStevie

    Some of you better make up your minds who you will ally with, but I can tell you now we in "other" communities hold the sway: Ethiopians, Asians...and we Latinos. Frankly while the arrogance and blindness of "white" people here and in the DC suburbs is enough to boil your blood, the ignorance, violence, lack of respect for people, the environment (garbage) and decent living is something that has been characteristic of blacks in DC, especially poor blacks. I don't know what's been worse for the city- politicians who pander to poor blacks, or the elite DC blacks who whine about not being in charge, but mess up the government when they are. And ask any Ethiopian business owner why they invest when gentrifies come in. It's because blacks in the block won't buy anything nice and mess up the establishments others work so hard to create. In my community, we live in family units and put our resources in a common for the common good. I have never seen blacks do that and maybe that's why they need go et meant housing. No one works together, and if thy do, it's to rob or sell drugs.
    If black change their culture, maybe thy will get better leaders and thus so will DC. If Barack Obama was a local DC politician, poor blacks would reject him an middle class blacks would be jealous. We don't think that way. So for now, until you blacks purge your stupid demons, it would be better for other groups to ally with whites.

  • Dennis Jaffe

    @strangefruit You're completely correct that it was merited for me to disclose that I worked for Sekou. I did disclose it in my very first comment in response to this post. I was upfront. I am not a professional writer. I have had fewer than 10 posts published on Greater Greater Washington. I think the site is a great addition to theo greater Washington area. GGW endorsed Shapiro. I'm not sure if you or someone here might have thought they were aligned with Biddle. I'm not related in any way to Harry Jaffe, I've never met him. I was volunteer coordinator for Biddle in 2011, not deputy campaign manager as reported in the Post. My comment about Bryan Weaver was way off. I publicly recanted it. I think highly of Weaver and his policy views. I thought his campaign message could have reached a broader audience. Regarding whether I've chimed in to respond to hateful, racist comments you referenced on GGW, I have posted some replies calling for more civil dialogue. I have not been reading GGW as much recently. I also lament the state of race relations. I tried here to respond to the concerns you voiced in your comments.

  • Black Omega

    DiazStevie, Hispanics is one large ethnic group representing over 20 countries. Most Hispanics in D.C. are from El Salvador and other poor Central American countries. Most lived like animals in their countries and they have brought their customs with them. How many educated Salvadorans in D.C. compared to blacks. How many Universities in this countries for Salvadorans? Many Salvadorans live in overcrowded apartment buildings and houses trashing D.C., Montgomery Country, and PG County communities.

    Puerto Ricans and Cubans have a different mind set and culture than El Salvador and Mexico. These 2 ethnic groups (Ricans & Cubans) don't get along or like Salvadorans.

    Most Mexicans and Salvadorans had racist views of black U.S. citizens before coming to the U.S. according to a 2006 Duke University and UNC at Chapel Hill study. Most Hispanics identify their race as Caucasian and most want marry whites and be accepted by whites in America and distance themselves from black U.S. citizens. If it had not been for black U.S. citizens, Salvadorans and others wouldn't be in this country to enjoy the finer things in life. JIM CROW would be in existence. Mestizos would be drinking from a separte water fountain from whites that's marked colored. I will ally with Puerto Ricans, Afro Cubana, and Panamainians. However, I will never be an ally of Salvadorans or Mexicans because most are racist towards blacks. I have no problems with Ethiopians or Asians.

  • StrangeFruit

    @ Dennis Jaffe,

    You didn't disclose that you were Biddle's 2012 Deputy Campaign Manager.

    You did state you volunteered for his campaign in 2011, but there's a hell of a difference between volunteering and being the Deputy Campaign Manager in 2012. You chose not to disclose this, but you badgered others about posting using a handle.

    You also tried to play the holier than thou card,but you completely forgot to share that you are a reformed race-baiter, who Bryan Weaver baptized and set straight.

  • NotOk

    So @StrangeFruit, you want to call out Mr. Jaffe, WHAT IS YOUR REAL NAME YOU COWARD?

  • OutKast


    Stop hating! You and everybody else in DC know the majority of African Americans in DC got it going on.

    DC's African Americans are the most educated and have the highest household wealth than any other "state" in the US.

    DiazStevie, most of us own cars worth more than the village you left to come to here and bus dishes in a country we, African Americans, made it possible for all people to be treated with dignity.

    I see your type all the time walking down my street and envying our, African Americans, big azz houses with manicured lawns that you will never be able to own in DC, maybe Hyattsville, MD, but definitely not DC.

    My recommendation, stop wasting your time hating, and work on that GED and maybe, just maybe, you'll be promoted to head dishwasher.

  • Keith B.

    Whatever OutKast, we all know you've only got 1/4 tank of gas in that new E-class.

    (FYI, Atlanta has the most black millionaires)

    "You and everybody else in DC know the majority of African Americans in DC got it going on."


  • OutKast

    Keith B.,

    That's funny; stereotyping, but funny nonetheless!

    Real estate, not cars is how I vest my dollars. I Don't waste my pennies on flashy shit to enrich the 1%, that's your peeps in Atlanta.

  • Dennis Jaffe

    @strangefruit Again, you misstate the facts. You're consistent at that! I stated at the beginning of my very first comment in response to this post that I went on Sekou's campaign staff. That's pretty clear. You don't think so? Ok, fine. Suit yourself. For the third time, Strangefruit, I was Volunteer Coordinator on staff -- I was not Deputy Campaign Manager. Fourth time: My title was Volunteer Coordinator. That didn't make me a volunteer. I said upfront I was on staff. But believe incorrect things if you wish. The Washington Post reported the title incorrectly. You hate the Post with bile, yet you cite an excerpt from a blog, which got the incorrect excerpt from the Post. That same blog endorsed Sekou this time. I refuted a bunch of your incorrect assertions, yet you don't acknowledge that your accusations were wrong: I'm not a writer. I'm not related to Harry Jaffe. I didn't fail to disclose. I wrote maybe eight posts for GGW in 2010 and one in 2011. I wish it were more. Almost everything you wrote about me was incorrect. You got my name right. Actually, you got that wrong twice, too, though you did correct yourself once.
    Important issues about race relations and socio-economic privilege and gaps, etc. have been raised on this blog post. I continued to comment in response to comments that engaged in ad hominem attacks on me. In my doing so, I contributed to diffusing the focus on more important issues that do deserve to be center of attention. That, I regret. I intend to not respond to any more garbage lying here. So have a field day if you wish. But if you make any more bets for millions of dollars and continue losing those bets after making false assertions, pony up. There are some worthy social justice causes I'd like to contribute your pay-up to.

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