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Dorothy Brizill and Mike DeBonis chat about personal/professional lives [DC Porcupine]

Occupy DC v. flowers [DCist]

D.C. Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" Brown to shoot guns with journalist [DCist]

  • Ladies Stand Up

    I am glad Ms. Brizil decided to bring this issue to the light. I have always felt that the Washington Post showed favoritism and its hard for them to deny the exposure & support they have shown for Michelle Rhee, Adrian Fenty, and Sekou Biddle.

    I feel the only reason they endorsed Orange against Brown in the Chairman race is because it was evident that the money scandal was too much for them to fight thru and endorse him for.

    The Washington Post will try to make this a non-factor, but if they was willing to criticize politicians everyday, then they should practice what they preach and send an editorial apology or write an article about it.

  • Womens Rights

    The Washington Post had the power to prevent this situation from happening and they chose not to. Although the comments others have made about Dena and Mike have been a bit harsh, it pains me to see that women are starting to be the downfall of campaigns. Not all women, but those who are put in positions where there influence and bring about wrong decisions.

    Also, I feel it is only right that someone bring this issue to the light and hold WaPo and Sekou Biddle accountable for their sneaky efforts. Because they did not reveal this information earlier, it leaves DC Residents minds wondering if the Washington Post delivered balanced coverage and opinions on the following:

    Michelle Rhee vs. DCPS/Washington Teachers Union (WTU)
    Adrian Fenty vs. Vincent Gray 2010 Mayoral Race
    Sekou Biddle vs. Vincent Orange Democratic Party Nomination and 2012 At-Large Race.

    For the sake of Dena Iverson, I hope Mike DeBonis comes out and issues an official statement on this situation.

  • DeLinks

    Thanks Dorothy now we know the true meaning of DeMorning and DeEvening links. Twice a day that Deana is a lucky gal. HA

  • Never Again

    Biddle will never get a vote from me. Ladies stay away from that guy. Its only going to lead to you being in the news smh

  • Georgetown Lady

    Sekou Biddle, is this the transparency you expect for us to believe you will bring to the council. Is this the Ethics your proud to say you support. And you stand proud by your Washington Post endorsement tsk tsk tsk......

  • In my opinion

    I work for a District agency that: (1) is always under a high level of media scrutiny; and (2) has no connection to Ms. Iverson. Although I certainly don't always agree with what DeBonis writes, I believe he makes more effort to present a balanced, well-informed story than most journalists covering District government. I had never noticed that there were certain topics he didn't cover, but it sounds as if he and the Post had a reasonable plan to avoid the appearance of conflict. Given that, I am inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • Georgetown Lady

    @IMO Mike DeBonis's ability to maintain a balanced opinion isn't the issue here. The issue is that the Washington Post always delivers lop-sided views and focuses all their attention on the demise of Black Politicians in the African American dominant parts of the city. The fact that the best reporter that provides the most balanced analysis of politics could not write about this election and that Iverson has ties to people who the Post supported heavily (Michelle Rhee & Adrian Fenty) makes things very fishy. Very VERY Fishy

  • Blue Dolphin

    In the Ward 5 race, im rooting for Delano Hunter. I am glad that Harry Thomas is not on the ballot. It will give Ward 5 a fresh start and something to look forward to!!

  • StrangeFruit

    I do understand why the CP didn't link Dorothy Brizill's article to this post, but chose to use an unknown blogger's recap of Dorothy's article.

    CP gives passes to certain politicians and, also it's former employee, Mike DeBonis, who girlfriend is their inside man who passes on information and emails to them.

    How do you think CP got its hands on emails from Rhee to the Wash Post editorial boards, JoAnn Armao, when both the media and public complained about Fenty's administration denying and/or ignoring all FOIA requests?

    FYI, here's what Dorothy Brizill wrote about DeBonis and his girlfriend,Dena Iverson:

    "Late Wednesday afternoon I sent the following E-mail to Vernon Loeb, the Metro Editor at the Washington Post. As of early Thursday morning, he has not yet responded. “It has recently come to my attention that Mike DeBonis, one of the Washington Post’s lead political reporters for the District of Columbia, has been dating Dena Iverson for the past three years. During that time Ms. Iverson was a senior press and communications person and a lead spokesman in a variety of positions in Mayor Fenty’s administration, and she served as Mayor Fenty’s press secretary during his 2010 reelection campaign.

    In addition, following Mayor Gray’s election she briefly served as the press and public information officer at the Department of Health. Most recently, she served as the press secretary for Sekou Biddle’s at-large council race in 2012.

    “To my knowledge, never during this period of time has Mr. DeBonis disclosed this personal relationship in any of his articles, even when he was writing about agencies and public officials for whom she worked, or about issues in which she had a professional interest. Has the Post been aware of the relationship between Mr. DeBonis and Ms. Iverson? Has it seen any need to reveal it to its readers? Was any attempt made to erect a firewall between the issues and public officials about which Mr. DeBonis wrote and those in which Ms. Iverson had a professional interest? I know this is a sensitive matter, but I would sincerely appreciate your response.”

    For the past three years, Dena Iverson and Mike DeBonis have dated and have been a couple. Iverson is a 2005 graduate of Oberlin College, Mayor Fenty’s alma mater. Iverson joined the District government in 2007, and served in a succession of positions in the Fenty administration (communications specialist in the Executive Office of the Mayor, Press Secretary for the mayor, and press secretary for School Superintendent Michelle Rhee at DC Public Schools). During the mayor’s race in 2010, Iverson served as the press secretary for Mayor Fenty’s reelection campaign. Following Fenty’s defeat, Iverson returned to the District government and served as the press and public information officer for the DC Department of Health until June of 2011. Currently, Iverson is the communications director for the Sekou Biddle 2012 campaign.

    Mike DeBonis covers local politics, political campaigns, and the District government as a reporter for the Washington Post. He writes the online column “District of DeBonis,” and frequently tweets his observations. Prior to joining the Post in 2010, DeBonis was a senior staff writer at the Washington City Paper, where he wrote the Loose Lips column.

  • RealDC

    Wow, I like DeBonis, his reporting in the Post and City Paper is solid. But this is some De bulls***! He is "knocking off" Biddle's spoke person? WTF? What a dirtbag, HOW IS BIDDLE GOING TO RUN ON ETHICS, REFORM, "EXPECT MORE", CHANGE...ETC. Ethics and transparency start with the individual, Biddle you are a HYPOCRITE. There is no difference between YOU and the current council members. Your whole campaign was a sham, I am glad you lost and hope you never come back!

  • RealDC

    Insert to previous post:

    Did Biddle know of the relationship? If so,
    Biddle =dirtbag

  • Blue Dolphin

    @RealDC that whole situation with Biddle is sad. The lengths at which that man is willing to go in order to get on the council.

    Your press secretary sleeps with DeBonis and you ran a negative campaign the whole way through instead of telling people how you will improve the city.


  • RealDC

    @bluedolphin-Exactly! Biddle's campaigns, both have reeked of desperation. Failure to disclose this relationship is unacceptable, especially when you are running as the highly ethical candidate, ya ya ya. Really, Mr. Biddle? That Post endorsement was a sham.

    Post has even a bigger credibility issue, did they know of his relationship with Ms. Iverson and how she changed jobs with the government and campaigns while Mr. DeBonis was covering "DC"? On the surface, very questionable.

  • Mike Madden


    We got our hands on the emails between Armao and the Fenty administration by FOIAing them last year. Your implication that DeBonis passed on JoAnn Armao's emails to us is completely incorrect.

  • Drez

    IMO many of the comments above are written in the same "voice".

  • Blue Dolphin

    Is the occupy movement even relevant anymore? Just looked outside my window to McPhearson Square and it looks empty with a couple tents left.

  • StrangeFruit

    @ Mike Madden,

    I do say, please prove it!

    I'm exercising the same rational CP uses--guilty or insinuate and plant the seed of guilt (will a zillion blog posts) in your readers mind until proven innocent.

    Isn't this CP's standard practice and official code of conduct?

    Based on the obvious, of course unproven, CP got the hook-up from Mikey's boo Dean Iverson.

  • StrangeFruit

    "Dena Iverson"

  • StrangeFruit


  • Anonymous, Too

    Musical Chairs in Mayoral Communications
    Posted by Mike DeBonis on Aug. 15, 2008 at 6:35 pm

    Taking Hobson's spot at 825 North Capitol will be Dena Iverson, who has been press secretary in the mayor's office. Says Iverson, "I'm really excited that the mayor has allowed me to take on this important role of speaking for the most important agency in the District government," Iverson says. ("Most important," eh? Aggrieved employees of other departments, please vent in the comments.)

    Iverson became press secretary in January, taking over as the primary media contact for the Fenty administration, allowing Brooks to focus on strategic and policymaking concerns. Whether someone will fill the "press secretary" role is "to be determined," says Iverson.

    All the shuffling takes place after Labor Day. Full release after jump.

    Government of the District of Columbia
    Executive Office of the Mayor

    For Immediate Release
    August 15, 2008

    Fenty Announces Two New Communications Appointments

    Washington, DC – Mayor Adrian M. Fenty announced the appointment of Mafara Hobson as his director of communications and Dena Iverson as the press secretary for District of Columbia Public Schools. Hobson and Iverson have been with the Fenty Administration’s communications team since the Mayor took office in January 2007. They will start their new positions in September.

    Dena Iverson
    Press Secretary, District of Columbia Public Schools

    Dena Iverson began her service in District Government with the start of the Fenty administration in January 2007 as a communications specialist in the Executive Office of the Mayor. She was named press secretary in January 2008, serving as the primary point of contact within the Mayor's office for all local and national media and working with public safety agencies and agencies dealing with crises to coordinate messaging and media relations. Prior to joining the Fenty administration, Iverson was the director of communications for New York City Councilmember James Gennaro, chair of the Council’s Environmental Protection Committee, executing all media relations and outreach for the Councilmember on legislative and district issues. In 2004, Iverson was the deputy communications director for Jamie Metzl, a Democratic candidate for Congress in Kansas City, Mo.

    A native of New York City, Iverson graduated from New York City Public Schools and received her bachelor's degree in politics from Oberlin College in Ohio.