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Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry disparages Asians and their "dirty shops." [NBC4]

Ellen London is now the second boss of the Children & Youth Investment Trust Corp., the non-profit that disgraced former Ward 5 Harry Thomas Jr. used to do all of his stealing, to lose her job. [Post]

It'll be a couple weeks before we know who officially won the at-large race. [Post]

A city divided. [Post]

Councilmember Phil Mendelson grills 911 operations, Homicide Watch continues to pwn local media in public safety watchdogging. [Homicide Watch]

Hardware gentification. [HC]

Throw the bums out? No thanks. [Post]

Recall effort dropped. [Times]


  • Really?

    Morning Link: DCWatch Now it all makes sense and us black folks aren't crazy when we think that the washington media has strategically used their power to disbarge certain potical folks of a certain hue, while others with less hue have been given a pass.

    Rules for ya'll and rules for US!

    "Late Wednesday afternoon I sent the following E-mail to Vernon Loeb, the Metro Editor at the Washington Post. As of early Thursday morning, he has not yet responded. “It has recently come to my attention that Mike DeBonis, one of the Washington Post’s lead political reporters for the District of Columbia, has been dating Dena Iverson for the past three years. During that time Ms. Iverson was a senior press and communications person and a lead spokesman in a variety of positions in Mayor Fenty’s administration, and she served as Mayor Fenty’s press secretary during his 2010 reelection campaign.

    In addition, following Mayor Gray’s election she briefly served as the press and public information officer at the Department of Health. Most recently, she served as the press secretary for Sekou Biddle’s at-large council race in 2012.

    “To my knowledge, never during this period of time has Mr. DeBonis disclosed this personal relationship in any of his articles, even when he was writing about agencies and public officials for whom she worked, or about issues in which she had a professional interest. Has the Post been aware of the relationship between Mr. DeBonis and Ms. Iverson? Has it seen any need to reveal it to its readers? Was any attempt made to erect a firewall between the issues and public officials about which Mr. DeBonis wrote and those in which Ms. Iverson had a professional interest? I know this is a sensitive matter, but I would sincerely appreciate your response.”

    For the past three years, Dena Iverson and Mike DeBonis have dated and have been a couple. Iverson is a 2005 graduate of Oberlin College, Mayor Fenty’s alma mater. Iverson joined the District government in 2007, and served in a succession of positions in the Fenty administration (communications specialist in the Executive Office of the Mayor, Press Secretary for the mayor, and press secretary for School Superintendent Michelle Rhee at DC Public Schools). During the mayor’s race in 2010, Iverson served as the press secretary for Mayor Fenty’s reelection campaign. Following Fenty’s defeat, Iverson returned to the District government and served as the press and public information officer for the DC Department of Health until June of 2011. Currently, Iverson is the communications director for the Sekou Biddle 2012 campaign.

    Mike DeBonis covers local politics, political campaigns, and the District government as a reporter for the Washington Post. He writes the online column “District of DeBonis,” and frequently tweets his observations. Prior to joining the Post in 2010, DeBonis was a senior staff writer at the Washington City Paper, where he wrote the Loose Lips column.

  • Why Lie I Need A Beer

    So Mike Debonis is sleeping with Biddle's press secretary WOWZERS. Talk about "Pay to Play" smh. Biddle you are just as corrupt. If this isnt fishy I do not know what is.

  • Rob

    Nothing surprises me anymore. So the same people writing stories about corrupt and ethically challenged politicians and DC government employees of color, are corrupt and ethically challenged too.

  • Why Lie I Need A Beer

    @Rob Yes, Biddle thought he was slick smh...

  • Barrie Daneker

    Oh for God's Sake there is no conflict! How in any right mind can you even think there is a conflict! Get a life!

  • Georgetown Lady

    @Barrie how in the world is that not conflict when you have someone in your campaign sleeping with one of the most high-profile political journalist in the city?

    Biddle went from sneaking into the DC Council to haveing his press secretary does some "strange things" for an endorsement, multiple articles, and all the ward 2 & 3 support.

  • StrangeFruit

    Aww suki, suki now! So Dorothy Brizill done exposed DeBonis' bed-warmer and his pants are on the ground and the screams of ecstasy are getting louder, and louder-- tomorrow's headline, Mike DeBonis reports: Sekou Biddle got some good azz "shut your mouth" and, therefore the WAPO endorses, backs, praises, and is hard for Sekou Biddle.

    Heads-up: to the council, mayor and their prospective opponents, you gotta one-up Biddle and get DeBonis a chick on the side to ensure you get at least a few crumbs from the WAPO “impartial” city desk editor.

    The WAPO is of the same cloth as Rupert Murdock. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE FARCE!

  • StrangeFruit

    Oops, meant to write, "impartial" city desk reporter -- Mike DeBonis.

  • Really?

    Dorothy Question:“Has it seen any need to reveal it to its readers?”

    Washington Post's Answer: Hell Naw

    Dorothy Question “Was any attempt made to erect a firewall between the issues and public officials about which Mr. DeBonis wrote and those in which Ms. Iverson had a professional interest?”

    Washington Post's Anwer Nope!

    Why isn’t this a conflict Barrie? Why? Because you said so?


    1. Mike is able to utilize his column to paint a picture of the DC politically environment. His GF works for said political environment and benefitted from that environment via a JOB. Said GF lost her JOB and therefore no longer has a steady income. Mike has the ability to influence and can sway said uniformed voters to believe his thoughts on why they shouldn’t or shouldn’t vote a certain way. So said GF could more than likely gain employment again. Mike can also lobby the editorial board on his position on certain dc politically issues using his un-objective insiders knowledge.

    2. This explains why the Fenty administration was able to get a fee pass and positive press even when the corruption happen under the last administration (which was way worst) the best we got was a shrug and smile and oh a whisper in the ear that the ends justified the means.

    3. Explains why there weren’t 99 post about Fenty hiring his Friends

    4. Explains why Bbeads Benedict Biddle was painted as a Saint although he had no skills. Also shows that Benedict Biddle is recycling and using the same Fenty crew so you know which way he would govern.

  • Georgetown Lady

    Biddle is sleazy and his true colors are starting to come out. We have found out who the real establishment is: Jack Evans, Mary Cheh, Sekou Biddle, Bryan Weaver and the progressive movement, and the WASHINGTON POST!

  • Ward 2 Voter

    I wish this news hit the waves before election day. I would have voted for Orange like I did when he ran against Biddle the first time.

    I can't believe the Washington Post and Biddle would stoop so low to make sure their candidate won...

    Apologies to Vincent Orange and the Orange campaign for not sticking to my original decision

  • Sex For Politics

    It's a shame Biddle will use a woman's body for votes and an endorsement. Once Biddle found out that DeBonis was dating his press secretary, he should have dropper her from the campaign. Biddle claims "Because We Can Do Better" but you just stepped up "Sex For Politics"

  • Why Lie I Need A Beer

    Didnt Biddle make another error on his campaign personnel by hiring the lady that brought the gun to Judiciary Square?

    Biddle wont even show his wife's face East of the River. What a lousy husband!!

    He clearly has trouble with Women

  • Jake

    Can't we be rid of that racist, crooked laughingstock Barry already? All the US Attorney has to do is go to the judge who signed off on Barry's settlement agreement to pay taxes (which Barry has repeatedly violated) and ask for jail time as sanctions.

  • Political Illuminati

    Anytime Biddle's was asked about his record and why WaPo endorsed him, he said "I dunno, ask them, if you dont get it, you dont get it". That statement alone let me know that his campaign is fishy.

    Biddle's whole campaign was built around the fact that he could stir controversy around the Money Orders, while Cheh introduce the bill to limit them, and the Washington Post Endorsing him.

    If Biddle won, Cheh, Evans and Catania were going to make sure that Biddle introduces bills and have them approved for the council. They were going to help build his record so by the time 2016 came around he could boast and brag about what WaPo said about him.

    If Kwame gets any charges or if Gray gets any charges, they were trying to move Cheh to At-Large, push Bowser for Mayor and both would put candidates in their former seats that will obey their every word..

    If you dont believe me...... Ask around!

  • Ward 3 Mafia

    I knew something was suspicious when I saw DeBonis out with Iverson in mid January. Debonis has maintained a low profile during this campaign which is shady as well.

    Now that this story comes full circle, I honestly question the integrity of WaPo and wonder if they are a political machine in their own mind.

    WaPo runs Kaplan and are in favor of Public Charter Schools. They have had tension with the Washington Teachers Union for quite sometime.

    Biddle claims he is King of KippDC, therefore is Biddle the best candidate for my child's education? I think not.

    Im glad I voted for Orange, and I hope that more secrets about Biddle and his tactics come out.

    Hiring REPUBLICAN Lady with a gun = Strike 1

    Lady sleeping with WaPo reporter and working for your campaign as PRESS SECRETARY = Strike 2

  • Capital Break

    Not surprised at all. They hated Orange since he decided to run against Fenty back in 2006. Since Fenty cannot stand Orange, im not surprised every crooked bastard in the city hates on him.

    Im glad this story got out because people need to know who the hell they are dealing with. Biddle isn't the best candidate he is a coward!!

  • Really?

    @StrangeFruit Allen has told ya'll via twitter that it's a non-mfing factor aka the Lil Kevey Chavous response.

    They are protecting their boy Bonis.

    Be OBJECTIVE !!!!

  • Capital Break

    I agree with @Really they pretty much followed the "Dont Ask Dont Tell" Rule. Now the media will criticize everyone else for their mistakes but, will cover up their own.

    No wonder the Washington Teachers Union continues to boycott that crazy place!

  • Mike Madden

    @ Really? --

    Actually, Alan has said on Twitter he thinks it's a big deal.

  • Really?

    Mike he is limiting the issue to just VO supporters. This story goes beyond just VO. Dena work for Fenty & Rhee as there communacation/press person. All Dena had to do was roll over and speak directly with Mike about getting good coverage for those she worked for and/or to give bad coverage to those who were a threat to her JOB!

    Fenty was defeated therefore her professional interest was lost.

    Look, I want 99 post about this shit. No BS story about Marion. Ya'll got the boys number. Call his ass and ask him why he didn't say anything.

    Last question was the citypaper aware of his relationship? He did work there in 2009?

  • StrangeFruit

    @ Mike Madden,

    The real question is, for all CP's non-Twitter followers, will Alan blog about Mike DeBonis and his sexual affair with Biddle's PR Director? Also, will the CP cover it in print?

  • Mike Madden

    I don't know what anyone was aware of in 2009, I didn't work here then.

  • StrangeFruit

    @ Mike Madden,

    What's your point; sorry I don't understand your comment. Are you suggesting that since you didn't work at CP in 2009, the CP can't cover stories prior to 2009?

  • Capital Break

    @Really They need to hold Biddle accountable for his actions and ask him what's the deal with this relationship and why is he going after Orange about Ethics when his worker is Banging Mike DeBonis.

    Loose Lips should cover more of the Fenty/Rhee era leading into the weeks of the Ward 5 race (give people something to read about)

    In the end, Mike DeBonis might have to resign from WaPo if this issue reaches the masses.

  • Mike Madden

    @ Strange Fruit --

    No, I'm saying, you asked what City Paper was aware of in 2009 -- in 2009, I wasn't working here, and I didn't start working here until after DeBonis left, so I don't know what discussions editors had with him then.

  • StrangeFruit

    @ Capital Break,

    The Post isn't respected by most native Washingtonian and reporters like Mike De"Boner" is the main reason why.

    The Wash Post has a long history of vilifying African Americans and anyone, policies or practice that benefits us.

  • StrangeFruit


  • StrangeFruit

    Mike Madden,

    No, Mike you are getting me confused with another poster.

    I asked if Alan will blog about what Dorothy Brizill uncovered regarding Mike DeBonis' and Biddle's Press Director sexual relationship?

    I also asked if this paper will cover the story in it's next print edition.

  • StrangeFruit


  • NotOk

    What in the hell is going on on this feed? The disgusting insinuations about a couple's private life and how you are referring to the professional woman being discussed is SICK. AND NOT OK. If you want to have a conversation about journalism and ethics that is fine and I believe DeBonis's comments on it should give you a heads up on how he handled himself, but the comments here are wildly offensive and out of bounds and control. Stop this.

  • Capital Break

    @NotOk its Not OK for the WaPo to have a journalist write for the political section and date one of the political members involved with a campaign. Thats almost as bad as insider trading.

    The residents of this city have been disrespected each and everyday by reading lop-sided stories about Afro-American politicians, where they have dirty secrets of their own.

    If they are going to make a huge deal about collecting Money Orders that ARENT ILLEGAL than by all means I expect them to exploit the relationship of DeBonis and Iverson

  • NotOk

    Wrong Capital Break, it is NOT OK for you make assumptions about the journalistic ethics of this couple without knowing what you are talking about. None of you have evidence for your accusations. Appearances may be one thing, and they are being discussed rightly (as DeBonis said) but wild accusations and comments about "sleeping together" or a "sexual relationship" are out of bounds and wrong. If any of you want to have a serious conversation, go for it. But the nasty and degrading tone of the comment thread above is not acceptable.

  • StrangeFruit


    Let's get this right, it's OK for Mike DeBonis to be a bias, unethical reporter, and misinform the WAPO's readers to sway and influence their vote? So the readers are suppose to believe everything Mike DeBonis puts on paper, but question and dismiss Dorothy Brizill reporting? I'll put my money on Dorothy Brizill any day; she has NO vested interest in who runs this city, unlike the Washington Post-- Mike DeBonis' paycheck!

    NOtOK, hate to bust your entitlement bubble, but you have absolutely no control on what's posted on this comment section.

    FYI, please let Dena Iverson know that one of her campaign mailer she crafted for Biddle-- that depicted Orange as a suspicious, big, dark, Willie Horton menacing character-- was offensive and not welcomed in DC!

    Shame on both DeBonis and Iverson!

  • Capital Break

    @NotOK I agree with @StrangeFruit if your going to say its disrespectful to talk about someone's relationship, then Biddle should be ashamed of himself for the flyer that he sent to the residents showing Orange with a red blood clot in his eye, darkening his color complexion and making it seem like Biddle is an angel.

    The fact of the matter is Washington Post is filled with a bunch of illuminati reporters who are the driving force behind the progressives movement.

    WaPo controls Kaplan, and they are in favor of Public Charter Schools and was Rhee TOTAL SUPPORT SYSTEM against the Washington Teachers Union when Iverson worked as Rhees Press Secretary.

    I dont give a damn about who DeBonis is fucking, I am sick and tired of the post reporting one-sided reports/opinions.

    How do you endorse Orange against Brown but endorse Biddle over Orange. Then have the nerve to say that man has a record of achievement for Ecnomic Development, Education, and Job Creation? WHERE THE HELL ARE THE RESULTS OF WHAT WaPo claims Biddle is?

    They painted a picture of Biddle to be this great politician ready to make great change in the city, and all of it is wrong.

    The same downfall to Gray will be the downfall of DeBonis and Biddle = females (no disrespect but calling it how it is given all 3 are in the hot seat do to their affiliation with certain females).

    I want Loose Lips to call Biddle and find out why he would allow someone to work on his staff that has a relationship with someone from the Washington Post.

    DeBonis is the best journalist WaPo has, and thats why this is a problem. This election would have been a whole lot better had it been a balanced list of articles.

    Tim Craig sucks and he only plays by "What Have You Done For Me Lately"

  • Mike Madden


    You're right, my fault -- I was looking at the comments in WordPress, not on the post, and got confused.

    I doubt we'll write about this in print, but we haven't really discussed. Someone may write something about it online.

  • NotOk

    Between "dont give a damn about who DeBonis is fucking" and "no disrespect but calling it how it is given all 3 are in the hot seat do to their affiliation with certain females" you lost any creditably. All of you sad, sick, sex-obsessed jerks need to keep the conversation focused on real issues. Your dislike for professional women and disgusting comments will not help your cause. I may not have "control" over what is posted, but I am free to say that your behavior is not appropriate or acceptable. I feel sick reading all if the sexist and out of bounds comments on this thread.

  • Really?

    If you are disappointed in the lack response regarding this story you can always express yourself by sending an email to the Post asking them why they haven’t written a story about their key Washington political reporter, Mike Debonis and former Fenty press person Dena Iverson, if they knew about the relationship, and if they did what action were taken to ensure that all reporting done by Mr. Debonis wasn’t biased

    Vernon Loev
    Metro Editor
    Email: loebv@washpost.com

    Patrick B. Pexton the
    He also has a blogspot on the WAPO. You can always leave a comment: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/omblog

    Jo-Ann Armao
    Editorial Writer
    I’ve included Jo-Ann’s email address because it’s already been proven that she shared a personal relationship with the Fenty administration please review the link of the City Paper’s link below which shows actual emails between her and key Fenty staff.

    If you don’t have time to write then call the Washington Post

    Phone: 800-477-4679
    How to reach a live person: Press 0 three times
    Hours of Operation:
    6:00am - 6:00pm weekdays
    7:00am - 12:00pm Saturdays and holidays
    7:00am - 2:00pm Sundays

  • OpenAllNite

    You can also reach the WAPO Ombudsman at 202.334.7582.

  • Blue Dolphin

    Marion Barry is a wild dude, they cannot get him out of Ward 8 though. He is pretty much untouchable around there!

  • DC Guy

    I am going to agree with NotOK.

    This thread is over the top.

  • Sojourner Truth

    Never in the course of human history were District voters swayed and influenced by media publications like the Washington Post, the Washington Examiner and the Washington City Paper. The Washington Post endorsed Sekou Biddle while denigrading and dehumanizing Councilmember Orange. The Washington Post reporter-Mike DeBonis had a personal and emotional stake in the matter regarding writing articles covering the canpaign process that were biased, unfair and imbalanced. He failed to adhere to accurate, fair journalistic principles of integrity and instead allowed the pervasive influence of Dena Iverson to encourage readers and civically engaged voters to vote for Biddle. As a result the Ward 2 voter listed above voted for Sekou Biddle. Tim Craig and Nikita Steward who are also writers with the Post allowed DeBonis to serve as the contributing writer to their articles written, illustrating the biased media coverage that spread throughout most of the media print venues like scarlet fever. District residents and voters would not be happy to surmise that they were heavily swayed and influenced by Dena Iverson-the Media Jezebel! A written explanation and apology from the Washington Post is merited!