Loose Lips

Morning Clicks

It's voting day! [DCBOEE]

Just how low will the turnout be? [Times]

Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry and Mayor Vince Gray exchange words over budget meeting. [Fox5] (You should really watch this.)

Weird picture but nice article on the unbribeable Leon Swain and the stresses involved with working undercover for the FBI.  [Post]

Nate Bennett-Fleming has earned this star turn. [Post]

Jeff Thompson's donor network gave big in Maryland, too. [Times]

Feds at GSA show they can waste public money with the best of them. [Post]

Ward 8 Council candidate Natalie Williams sued over child abuse? She says no. [WTOPCHOTR]

Former DDOT boss, ex-City Administrator Dan Tangerlini's promotion is good for D.C. [HC]

Dozens of city employees knowingly committed fraud with unemployment scam, says DOES boss. [Examiner]

This Republican dude looks a little shady. [Post]

Barry predicts victory. [WUSA9]

  • At-Large Scandals

    Last night around 1am, I saw a couple people tearing down Vincent Orange signs. I shouted at one of them "hey stop tearing down posters". The people ran off and one of them left behind a Shapiro shirt.

    It's sad that loose lips writes these articles very one-sided not elaborating on the negatives of other candidates.

    Also lamenting that Orange has been on the council for a long time while people like Jack Evans, Marion Barry, David Catania, Phil Mendelson, Jim Graham and Eleanor Holmes Norton have been on their seats for a long time.

    I am going to report this incident to the police. I hope they slap Shapiros campaign with a fine.

  • Shut Your Mouth

    Orange poster game is serious, I wouldnt put it past the other candidates to hire some people to tear down his posters.

    The better question is how did someone name E Gail Anderson Holness all of a sudden have posters all over the city? You clearly have some part in taking down the posters!!

  • Columbia Heights Resident

    I asked a biddle supporter if he has done anything for public school kids, because my son did not attend KIPP or any other charter school. They talked about his service for KIPP and I continued to ask them what can he do for the public school system... They have me confused

  • SE Anthem

    Im glad Nate Bennett Flemming is getting the opportunity he deserves. Hopefully he will make a transition into the council soon.

    I cant mess with Biddle though. He told my ward he didnt need us last election to beat Orange. Thats a slap in the face.

    Barry & Gray taking shots is funny. Southside dont play no games, if they would have wrecked im ptuting my money on Barry though lmao.

  • drez

    ^ Looks like those money orders went to paying for a lot of sock puppets.

  • Keith

    Hats off to Mayor Gray for having the balls to stand up to Marion Barry. Too many people cowtow to the "Mayor for Life". Call the man out on his bullshit when need be.

  • NE John

    All you young DC new citizens SUCK! Thanks for not voting.

  • Political Observer

    That Gray-Barry "dust-up" was Tony-winning political theater and y'all fell for it hook, line, & sinker.