Loose Lips

Mayor Gray Endorses Incumbents

Just in the nick of time, Mayor Vince Gray has endorsed all incumbent councilmembers in today's primary election.

Hizzoner is currently on Newstalk with Bruce DePuyt (go here to watch). When DePuyt asked Gray who he liked in the at-large race, Gray was quick to sing the praises of Councilmember Vincent Orange.

"He seems very diligent, he's very hard working," says Gray, noting that Orange's SUV is often parked at the Wilson Building late at night.

You'll remember that Gray supported Orange's challenger, Sekou Biddle, during last year's special election while most of the mayor's supporters backed Orange.

Gray then went on to endorse Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander, whom he handpicked to be his replacement after he won the D.C. Council chairman's race in 2006. And for good measure, Gray added that every other incumbent on today's ballot should get to keep their gigs.

"I think the incumbents have done a good job," Gray says.

So if you were waiting on Gray's endorsement before heading to the polls, now you know.

Photo By Darrow Montgomery

  • trulee_pist

    "I think the incumbents have done a good job" is an amazing statement to make in 2012 in DC.

  • DC Guy

    Hopefully that will be the kiss of death for Orange and Alexander.

  • SaveWard7

    I agree, any endorsement from him is stupid. It is time for the incumbents to leave office and find jobs that will hold them truly accountable.

  • Ward 7 Rez

    I already voted. Throw the bums out!

  • Really?

    Thank God someone saw the light on Benedict Biddle. I held my nose voting for Orange this morning.

    The biggest mistake BBeads made was not engaging the residents beyond 1,2,3 and 4.

  • DJ Ren

    Wow. Just goes to show how disconnected Vince is. What an old fool. The incumbents have done a good job... ugh.

  • Ghost Dad

    I could care less about Gray's endorsement. He endorsed Biddle last year so who cares.

    Heard Orange is waxing the opponents ass so far anyway

    This will be an easy win

  • DC Resident

    All the incumbents are doing a good job???

  • DJ Ren

    Biddle made some outreach efforts in W6, however many folks, myself included, found his association with the One City Crew too much to bear...although I'm out of town, so don't get a chance to vote today.

  • RealDC

    Just go back to sleep, Mayor. "All incumbents are ....." WTF? Can we get a pulse check on Mayor "Bernie" (The corpse in "Weekend at Bernies")

    Clean house DC before the US Attorney cleans house for us.

    @really- I am with you, held my nose and voted for Orange too. Biddle is terrible and that inflammatory mailer he sent out in wards 1,2,3,4..is some crap. Very reminiscent of Willie Horton.....shame on you, Biddle and your so called "progressive" goon squad. Catania, Wells, Mara, Weaver, etc.....

    Anybody but Bowser in 4!! She is an embarrassment to ward 4. Fenty got her that office and she has lived down to every expectation. She is so full of ....! Don't let me down ward 4, anybody but Bowser!

  • NE John

    One term MF

  • truth hurts

    One city. tick, tick, tick....

  • yes…indeed

    The HELL with Gray and those dirty bags incumbents!

    Ward 7.....I hope you all vote CM Yvette "Ms. Piggy" Alexander OUT!

  • StrangeFruit

    @ RealDC,

    I agree with you 100% and, one would think during this climate of heightened awareness of racial profiling Black men, via the Zimmerman and Martin case, a political candidate would be smart and sensitive enough not to play the Willie Horton, big, suspicious, BLACK MAN card.

    Biddle was an accidental councilman and it AIN'T going to be repeated!

  • Drez

    Race Baiting=Fail

  • Another SE Resident

    And all you dip sticks got it wrong. Baw haw. I'm laughing so hard. Scared for Orange a minute but he pulled it off. Orange is the only one holding whiteys accountable and on their toes. They trying to roll over on what they think are softey brothers. VO is going to show them what's up. But all the incumbents are in. You call it Mayor Gray. One city for next year. Bye bye poo poo to progressives--including GGW, Alpert and the bike-riding fannies. It is not your time. wait your turn. live here a minute then you can tell me about how my city should be run.

  • KeepinItReal

    Vote your conscious. I didn't like the incumbents nor those seeking office. I kept my vote to myself. It was a lose lose propositioin.

  • DC5

    Orange holding whiteys accountable?? Gimme a break, willya'? PEPCO's minion and Thompson's bag man allies himself closer to Evans & Graham, more so than Gray... Orange is nothing if not opportunistic... if he's the great Black hope for Wards 7 & 8 good luck to y'all! LOL Didn't he vote to close D.C. General?

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