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Was the day before the primary, and all through the District ... [Post, Times, Examiner, WAMU]

Talking heads say: throw them bums out [Post, Post]

At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange is endorsed by Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham [Post]

VO went a little nuts on the Twitter over the weekend, repeatedly jabbing Councilmembers David Catania and Tommy Wells over their endorsement of Sekou Biddle [@vincentorangedc]

And Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry got into it with the Federal City Council's John Hill, also on the Twitter. [@MarionBarryJr, @jwhill1515]

Mayor Vince Gray's spokesman a little off on the genesis of federal investigation into 2010 mayoral campaign: "The investigation is there because he's the one who requested it." Umm, no.  [Examiner]

VO's bizarre campaign finance report [DC Watch]

The big plans for St. Elizabeths are in trouble. [Post]

Jeff Thompson lobbyied hard against an audit that wound up costing him millions in a settlement [Post]

If you build it, they will eventually come? [Post]

Metro cops are dumb, corrupt [Times]

D.C. Council needs to get a grip on city's finances [Examiner]

  • Ward1Progress

    Im Pro-Fenty, so I cannot be in favor of Biddle when he was endorsed by Gray and Brown last year.

  • Slow Your Roll

    Did anyone get that dummy mail over the weekend with Orange and the red eye? By far the worse attack piece known to man kind.

    If your running an official campaign atleast spend money to make the pictures clearer.

    The only highlight was when my daughter said "daddy why does that man have a sand block head" YES she was definitely talking about Biddle lol.

    Biddle is my favorite but I might have to stick with my former Councilmember Orange. He has helped Ward 5 tremendously during the post HTJ era

  • InIt2WinIt

    From henceforth and forevermore, when I hear the two words "native Washingtonian" in relation to a politician running for office, I am suspicious and will be more likely to vote for "anything other than..."

  • SEis4ME

    From henceforth and forevermore,

    And from right now until eternity, you will be an idiot. Likely a bigot.

  • RG3ForMe

    I swear if I catch another Biddle worker pulling down signs in my neighborhood I'm going to call the police. If you can't win fair and square, stick to the school board.

    And stop sending attack mail to my house. Tell me what YOU have done! Not what someone else isn't doing!!

  • InIt2WinIt

    If connecting the dots of ethical issues and incompetence in local politics makes me a bigot, then so be it I wear the badge with pride. Every disappointment I have suffered while living in this city has been at the hands of a politician who proudly claims they were "born and raised" in the District or are a "native Washingtonian". Sadly, they have made such declarations to be a red flag. Something to give one pause.

    I'll consider the source and let you have the personal insults. It is so unbecoming yet typical of a "native Washingtonian".

  • Ghost Dad

    My buddy works for OCF, and he said when they set up the last filing period there were problems. Apparently they had the filing session for both the At-Large & Ward 5 special elections and the periods were obviously different for the filing.

    More than likely Orange got the two mixed up, and probably that's why his report was messed up the first submission.

  • SEis4ME

    I'll consider the source and let you have the personal insults. It is so unbecoming yet typical of a "native Washingtonian".

    A hit dog will bark won't it?

    First you indicate that out of bigotry/bias/hatred, you won't support people (politically) who are from a certain geographic region. Then you continue your ignorance by suggesting that "personal insults" are typical for people who are from the same geographic region..hoping to bolster that idea by assuming (wrongly) that I am from DC.

    The wonderful thing is that I didn't have to do much since you've shown enough already.

  • InIt2WinIt

    @SEis4ME, your diatribe and insults speak to your own ignorance. Again, you can have that, "native washingtonian".

  • City Dude

    Last week I recieved mailing that says that 44% of district working residents earn less than $30,000..And that population is decreasing very slowly but biggest news was that 40% of 1%ers(More than $3 million) have left DC since 2007...It sure is hard for those 44% or the next level(19%) up to $50,000 to be able to afford to live in DC where the rent for a month is $1500 to $2000..I guess 33% of our budget for Health and Human Services is not enough to keep these folks in town??

  • OriginalDCDem

    @citydude, That is why the majority of those who make less than 50,000 live in the more depressed neighborhoods in the city. They used to have housing in the Southwest waterfront area, prior to the construction of Nationals Stadium. Truth is, I'd like to see those folks improve their capacity to earn a better income rather than find or build more subsidized housing for them. Otherwise they are in a cycle of poverty that does not lend it self for responsible financial decision making.