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The Question That Shall Not Be Asked Gets Asked

Could it be that during all the recent candidate forums in Ward 7, no one has asked candidate Kevin B. Chavous about his arrest and subsequent plea deal on a charge of soliciting prostitution? That's what a couple wags who have been to these debates tell LL.
That changed last night at the Washington City Paper/WPFW [...]

Morning Clicks

Jeff Thompson steps aside from accounting firm. [WAMU]
Mayor Vince Gray and Councilmember Vincent Orange: top two recipients of Thompson-linked donations, top two recipients of money orders. [Times]
No one wants to be on new ethics panel. [Post]

The Bishop is Back

Does anyone remember Scott Bishop Sr.? The genial field operative once dubbed "the Poster King" for his ability to blanket a pol's signs across town took the brunt of the blame (some say unfairly) when former Mayor Anthony Williams' reelection campaign couldn't organize a competent petition drive.
Ten years later, Bishop is now linked with another [...]

Thompson Sued Over Property Deal

D.C. political donor and Medicaid contractor Jeff Thompson has another legal problem to add to his list—a lawsuit over a Capitol Hill property he owns that currently houses a hair salon.
Thompson, as readers of this blog are well aware, had his home and offices raided by federal authorities earlier this month and is at the [...]

Morning Clicks

Three-way race in Ward 5; Delano Hunter has had some recent legal troubles. [Ward 5 Heartbeat]
Tom Toles mocks District's pols. [Post]
Doug Jemal almost got away with murder, if not for that pesky Colby King. [Post]

Morning Clicks

More evidence of off the books campaign? Sign guy says he told the feds Gray 2010 campaign paid him a lot less than campaign finance records show. [Times]
Speaking of, Mayor Vince Gray needs to say something about shadow campaign allegations. [Post]
No new taxes likely in Gray's proposed budget. [WAMU]

HTJ’s Debt to the City Now At $230,000 (Updated)

Apparently stealing city money is easier than paying it back.
Disgraced former Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. is still $30,000 short on the $50,000 payment he was supposed to cough up last December. The city's Office of the Attorney General put out a news release this afternoon saying it had "secured" the $20,000 yesterday. Thomas [...]

Vince Gray: From No Way to No Comment

The more serious the federal investigation into Mayor Vince Gray's mayoral campaign becomes, the less Hizzoner has to say.
Observe Gray's response to the Post's A1 story today laying out how Gray pal Vernon Hawkins appeared to be running an off-the-books campaign. "Gray declined to answer specific questions about the campaign allegations, citing the ongoing investigation," [...]

Morning Clicks

BOOM! The Post's Nikita Stewart drops another A1 bombshell: Mayor Vince Gray's pal Vernon Hawkins ran "shadow" campaign with ties to Jeff Thompson. [Post] LL is a distant second on this one [LL]—LL's story was up first, but Stewart's has more details. The $1 million question: What did Hizzoner know?!?!
The Barry in Winter, LL's cover [...]

Vernon Hawkins, Person of Interest

Sulaimon Brown, what hath you wrought?
Just over a year ago, the former D.C. minor mayoral candidate with a Maryland driver’s license upended the city’s political world with his front-page accusations in the Washington Post. Brown, you all know, claimed he’d taken secret cash payments and the promise of a city job from top officials in [...]