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Who in Ward 8 is So Concerned?

Yesterday LL reported on an anonymous attack flyer aimed at Ward 8 council candidate Jacque Patterson, which was paid for by a mystery group "Concerned Citizens of Ward 8."

Turns out another mystery group with a similar name was behind a noteworthy flyer in last year's at-large race. The Post reported last April reported Councilmember Vincent Orange was passing around flyers in Ward 8 last year that said of Orange: "He walks like us. He talks like us. He has a record of working for us."

The flyer said it was paid for by "Concerned Ward 8 residents," according to the Post.

Orange took some heat for the flyer's racially charged content, and at his election night speech he distanced himself from the flyer by saying he walks and talks like residents of each of the District's 8 wards. (“I walk like and I talk like and I work for the people of Ward 1,” Orange said that night. Repeating the same line seven more times for each ward.) And when the Post caught him passing out the flyers, Orange was quick to point out to that his campaign didn't pay for them.

So who did pay for it?  Great question. There's certainly no mention of any "Concerned Ward 8 Residents" in records at Office of Campaign Finance. The Post noted that former Ward 8 Councilmember Sandy Allen, who was with Orange helping to pass out flyers, "took credit for helping to put together the advertisement," but LL's not sure that means she paid for it. Allen, who is Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's current campaign manager, didn't immediately return LL's calls.

As LL noted yesterday, there's also no record at OCF of who is behind the "Concerned Residents of Ward 8" group that put out the Patterson fliers. LL's no lawyer, but these unreported campaign efforts all seem to be on the wrong side of legal. But then again, OCF isn't equipped to investigate these sort of things, so whoever is behind these flyers probably doesn't need to worry.

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  • NE John

    all the way to the moon Orange, all the way to the moon

  • Political Observer

    Campaign finance reform? We don't need no stinkin' campaign finance reform! Just add more staff...oh, wait

  • Crazy8’s

    A google search shows the fax number 202-543-2758 that sent LL the flyer is a mental health clinic. Crazy as the election.


    Mental Health

    Washington, District Of Columbia

    Provider NPI: 1891822557
    Organization Information:
    Organization is not Subpart
    Authorized Official: RICK SMITH MID-ATLANTIC DIRECTOR 202-5430387

    Practice Location:
    Tel: 202-543-0387 Fax: 202-543-2758
    Entity Type: Organization

  • Illegal

    It is 100% illegal for a candidate to pass out a flyer that he admits was not paid for by the campaign. That is coordination between a principal campaign committee and an independent campaign. Even if the independent campaign is registered, its still illegal coordination. Vincent Orange ADMITTED to the Washington Post that he was breaking the law.

    But here's the real question: do people at the OCF read the newspaper? Do they know the law?

  • Truth hurts

    Tick, tick, tick ...

  • Cap City Records Panhandler

    When is Vincent Orange going to appear on The Simpsons as a simp ass gump politician who challenges Mayor Quimby and then gets less than 3% of the vote?

    Where you at LL?

  • http://www.anthonylorenzo.com Anthony Lorenzo

    It would be nice if one of the candidate's MAN (or WOMAN) up and accept this trash as theirs. That way I can collect all the flyers on the ground in Fort Stanton and take it straight to their campaign office.

    If you want to call another candidate out on their record, CALL THEM OUT...but don't hide behind some phantom "concerned citizens of ward 8" group. It reeks of nothing but lack of credibility.

  • DCDem

    To everyone who got frustrated reading what I wrote above, I retract my previous comments. This article includes multiple facts like a) Vincent Orange was passing out flyers. b) He denied the flyers were from his campaign. c) The flyers were race baiting.

    I just got frustrated because I'm working on the Vincent Orange campaign and I've run out of excuses for myself and the people around me.

  • NE John

    Let's send him to the moon DCDem

  • Anti-DC

    I was at an event by Southern Avenue this weekend where Orange and Patterson were at a cookout. Seemed like they didnt have any problems..

    This clearly does not have anything to do with the At-Large race....

  • InIt2WinIt

    I'll have to agree with those who have intimated that this story is all fluff with no facts. It was truly a waste of time reading.

  • Coffee Politics

    Im convinved Loose Lips either

    A) Hates Orange with a passion
    B) Pissed because Orange never returns his calls
    C) Campaigning for one of the other candidates
    D) Hates Orange with a passion

    this story has completely nothing to do with the election.