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Morning Clicks

Mayor Vince Gray wants speed cameras everywhere [Times]

Most Councilmembers taking $3,000 raises to their already generous salaries [Examiner]

Head of Ward 8 Dems supports Jacque Patterson, says Marion Barry's time has "come and gone." [Examiner]

Courtland Milloy a big fan of Ron Moten [Post]

Jeff Thompson's Medicaid contracting company hasn't done so well since the city audited its books [Post]

City Paper's endorsements [CD]

Why so many medical marijuana facilities in Ward 5? Blame the feds [HC]

How schools fared in Gray's budget [DCFPI]

Fugazi drummer gives to Sekou Biddle's campaign [DCist]


  • Same old same old

    How could the Councilmartyr take a raise when the DC government rank and file haven't gotten a raise since 2010? What about all the social services that are being cut? Another hypocritical move by Wells. When you hold yourself out to be the saviour of DC...better act like it too.

  • Coffee Politics

    Wells is the token CM for the media. Maybe because he looks like Colonel Sanders step-son KFC!!!

  • truth hurts

    Wells, and all CM's, should've declined the raise. Good for K. Brown, Catania, and Cheh. They did the right thing.

  • truth hurts

    Left out M. Brown. Good for him too.

  • JTE

    Catania has a pretty lucrative ($240K) gig on the side, so it's hard to pat him on the back too hard. How he works two 6 figure jobs, I don't know....oh wait...the bigger salary comes from one of the District's largest contractors, MC Dean. It'd be like Vincent Orange having a side job as COO of one of Jeffrey Thompson's firms.

  • Coffee Politics

    @JTE yes Catania gets paid atleast 300K from the Gov't and Side job. if that isnt Pay To PLAY I dont know what is

  • teamtango

    if the chairman's salary is set statutorily at $10,000 less than the mayor's salary and not suject to COLA's, how is it possible for the current chairman to turn down a COLA he was not entitled to recieve?

  • John

    Mary Cheh is a full time GW law professor so she has enough money to turn down the pay raise. To bad she doesn't spend more time on her part time job, but she doesn't seem interested.