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The Question That Shall Not Be Asked Gets Asked

Yvette Alexander Asks Kevin B. Chavous About Solicitation Arrest

Could it be that during all the recent candidate forums in Ward 7, no one has asked candidate Kevin B. Chavous about his arrest and subsequent plea deal on a charge of soliciting prostitution? That's what a couple wags who have been to these debates tell LL.

That changed last night at the Washington City Paper/WPFW Ward 7 debate at Ray's the Steaks at East River, when Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander finally went there.

As is the custom of these debates, candidates were given a chance to ask one of their opponents a question. None of the candidates—Dorothy Douglas, the Rev. Bill Bennett, Republican Don Folden (who crashed the debate, which was intended to be for Democratic candidates only), Tom Brown, or Alexander—initially asked Chavous about the arrest. But when Chavous used his turn to ask Alexander about her constituent service fund's lack of spending on constituents and her staff's connections to a new Walmart planned for the ward, Alexander took offense at what she said she saw as an attack on her integrity. So she responded with a question of her own, asking Chavous about his arrest and his integrity.

At that point, the crowd went nuts.

LL thought Chavous, who had clearly prepared for such a question, handled the situation pretty well. He acknowledged that he'd been arrested and that everyone knew it, but said he was "unbroken and unbowed." He also said his legal imbroglio never comes up on the campaign trail and is a non-issue in this campaign. "Ward 7 has moved on, and so have I," he said.

After the debate, Chavous's father, former Ward 7 Councilmember Kevin P. Chavous, went up to Alexander and shared with her a piece of his mind. "I don't think she conducted herself the way an incumbent should, and I told her that," Chavous told LL later.

Alexander said she didn't hear what Chavous had said, but noted that "he was highly upset." But she said she makes no apologies for bringing up Chavous the Younger's arrest after he questioned her character. "He opened himself up for that," she told LL. "I uphold the law."

Photo by Mike Madden

  • PocketsNSockets

    He trolls for tranny hookers and then his Daddy fights his battles. He even makes Yvette look good. Ward 7 living the dream!

  • Barrie Daneker

    Well Yvette finally someone has the balls to bring up this issue of arrests and public records on public officials. It should be the papers, but finally you did it. Now could everyone who is running come out the the dirt so we know who really has the morals and integrity to hold offices!!!

  • Traveler

    I live in Ward 7 and none of them (the candidates) has really done a darn thing to improve the Ward.. only looked out for their "buddies". This has gone on since the time of H.R. Crawford... and even earlier. I don't really even see a need to.. vote for ANY of them... I'll vote for a new face... and probably see the same results!

  • Really?

    You know why Lil Kevin C, because I'm sure most of the folks in Ward 7 aren't aware of your arrest and to say that the sexual objectification of a women/tranny is a non-issue is BS.

    And the fact that your daddy would co-sign that BS says alot about him too.

    Just wait until you have a lilttle girl and she's caught giving head to some guy how much you feel it's a non-issue.

  • DC Boi

    Wow shocked that incumbent would stoop that low. It shows weakness and a lack of class on her part. She must feel that Kev B. is on the rise!

  • Another SE Resident

    You go my girl, Yvette. Tell it like it is. Put it where the goats can get it. LOL. Then daddy runs to the rescue. Baw Haw. That's so childish. Man. He can't take the fire. You bring up the fund, so it's fair game, kid.

  • StrangeFruit

    Pants on the ground lil Chavous!

  • PissedA$$He77

    Glad Yvette brought this back to life! Kevin has been walking around like it does not matter about this incident. Kevin it does matter! You should have dropped out and kept it moving. Kevin you will NOT win! Sorry, Nor will Yvette!

    Vote Tom Brown! Vote Tom Brown!

  • Truth Hurts

    Yvette sucks. Everyone knows that. Chavous has my vote

  • truth hurts

    Hey CP, please bar the fake TH asshole above from posting. Check his/her IP address.

    While it's true Yvette sucks, it's also true I called on Chavous to withdraw within 24 hours of his arrest.

  • DwoodG

    The incumbent who raised the question is one who really has room to talk she must still be stuck on GO, when all of the other candidates have moved on to GOTV (get out the vote), she has a lot of dirt in her closet I’m sure, let the record be known, but Kevin’s past issue has been resolved, just like the young men in Ward 7 who have been punished for the crime in which they were charge with, and would like to move forward but they can't because they are still being condoned for their past, let's move forward life does not stop at a mistake or a mishaps. That is one thing that is wrong today, we do not move ahead we are too busy referring to the past. Our incumbent has only written and got one piece of legislation past, (an alley being repaved) wow that's important, in a 5 year period, people we have kids failing in our schools at a rate of 60%, we have the highest dropout rate, we have the highest rate of unemployment within our youth 18 – 25 years old, and we have the dirtiest Ward in the city, I am not settling for less and that is what we are getting right now. It’s time for change. I am not a settler and Yvette doesn't do it for me, she is a nice person (hmmm), but she in City Council does not do it for me. Whatever you did prior maybe you was good at, I suggest you put your resume back on Monster...

  • JGK

    Ha! I like how he responds using roughly the same rhetoric that cancer or accident survivors use, i.e. that the arrest was some malignant outside force he had no control over. Uh, Mr. Chavous, YOU put yourself in that position, nobody else. Then Daddy rides to the rescue. Better anyone (including Yvette) than this clown.

  • DC Resident

    From that photo it sure looks like Yvette spent a lot of time buying bling at K-Mart. Her time on the council has proven that she sure is a dumb ass. And if she is re-elected then at least the rest of us can be entertained by the clown.

  • Begla

    Is anyone going to ask Chavous his views on decriminalizing prostitution? Given his arrest, it's a way more relevant question than trying to go at him for having gotten arrested for solicitation.

  • tony

    Clearly, TOM BROWN is the answer for ward 7. He can bring something to ward 7 which are desperately needed--Economic Growth. Mr. Brown’s strong relationship with the business community can not be under-estimated. Ward 7 boasts the second highest unemployment rate in the entire city and it’s this harsh reality which has stymied ward 7 progress. The current councilmember Yvette Alexander has done absolutely nothing to address the problem. In fact, it's her position that the poor and unemployed residents are the problem. While Mrs. Alexander, more than most, is in a position to spur economic growth in ward 7 given her tight relationship with both the Mayor and Chairman, she has not. On the other hand, Mr. Brown brings more than 20 years of doing the very same thing that he say will do as the next Councilmember of Ward 7 –Create jobs. Mr. Brown is very reasonable in his views and consistent on implementing his stated objectives. Moreover, his grassroots background in conjunction with his strong ties to the business community would make him a very effective Ward 7 Councilmember.

  • yes…indeed

    @TONY: I am with you on your statements! VOTE TOM BROWN!

  • SaveWard7

    Tom Brown - no thanks. Carpet bagger 100%. Lives in Ward 8 when it suits him, lives in Ward 7 when he thinks it is to his advantage. I would have more respect for him if he just stopped lying about where he truly lives. As for his wanting to help Ward 7, look into who is truly backing him - not the people in Ward 7 - go uptown. Yvette is a joke, always has been and always will be. She should never go there for dirt, she has far too much of her own. The real issue here, is who will help this Ward stop and turn around to become successful in educating our children, helping the young, middle-age, and older citizens obtain jobs and housing, and getting more police presence to protect us from this huge increase in crime. We are suffering greatly and if Kevin Chavous is our only hope, I will VOTE for him. I see what our current council person has to offer -NOTHING! If Tom Brown was so concerned about Ward 7, then where was he when EYA wanted to come in and build those awful and expensive "Town-Housing Units" (their words not mine) in Ward 7. We marched, protested, and wrote to our so-called council representatives. I did not see him at any of those meetings. When we loose financial resources and the Ward is looking for help within and outside of the Ward - where was Tom Brown?? So, no I cannot support someone who only has one thing on their agenda - themselves.

  • InIt2WinIt

    I believes I am voting for Tom Brown. He gets the anti-Yvette vote.