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Morning Clicks

More evidence of off the books campaign? Sign guy says he told the feds Gray 2010 campaign paid him a lot less than campaign finance records show. [Times]

Speaking of, Mayor Vince Gray needs to say something about shadow campaign allegations. [Post]

No new taxes likely in Gray's proposed budget. [WAMU]

Deputy Mayor Victor Hoskins woos the Chinese. [HC]

City officials talk to Hill East residents about Redskins. [WBJ]

Former Corporate Counsel John Payton dies at age 65. [WUSA9]

Tom Brown and Sekou Biddle for council, says Harry Jaffe. [Examiner]

Needle exchange, still being talked about. [Examiner]

  • Coffee Politics

    How come everyone says that Sekou Biddle did great things under the Board of Education but no one can pinpoint his accomplishments.

    Biddle already showed what he can do during his 4 months in office. NOTHING

    If you want a new face, go to the club and talk to someone new. I could care less about the image as long as the work is done.

    And Money Orders has not fixed my childrens education, nor fix the streets, stop parking tickets nor stop the violence, so I really dont care about Orange receiving contributions from Thompson.

  • Truth hurts

    Say it ain't so, Mo. Nah, kudos for saying on the record what is increasingly obvious to anyone with a brain: former one city believers are realizing they got played.

  • RealDC

    @coffee politics- Fully agree. The worst thing Biddle did was to get the Democratic State Committee to appoint him to that 4 month stint. We got a first hand view of his wishy-washy character. He stood for one thing, one day then less than 24 hours he would do an about face. No leadership, that is the last thing DC needs right now, a flip flopping council member.

    And whatever on Thompson, he has hired a lot of DC residents...pols too..just kidding. But folks are gainfully employed because of him. Not me.

  • Anoymous

    AlanSuderman Oops RT“@summersgill: Easier. RT @AlanSuderman Apparently stealing city money is harder than paying it back washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/looselip… via @wcp”