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Morning Clicks

BOOM! The Post's Nikita Stewart drops another A1 bombshell: Mayor Vince Gray's pal Vernon Hawkins ran "shadow" campaign with ties to Jeff Thompson. [Post] LL is a distant second on this one [LL]—LL's story was up first, but Stewart's has more details. The $1 million question: What did Hizzoner know?!?!

The Barry in Winter, LL's cover story of former Mayor-for-life Marion Barry's re-election campaign. [WCP]

Gray says fixing campaign finance problems "daunting." Um, yeah. [Times]

Metro wasting money, again. [Examiner]

Ward 7 challenger Tom Brown the favorite of labor and D.C. Chamber. [Post]

LDP talks parking. [HC]

Oh boy, an article about bikes. Sure the comments section will be civil. [Post]

Good luck linking campaign donations from Pepco to the Betty Noel execution. [HC]

Developers, they do love a good subsidy. [DCFPI]

Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander not very pro-Ward 7 business, says LDP. [HC]

  • Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

    It is obvious that Ward 7 voters wants a balance between labor and the unions in their candidate. If Tom Brown wins this election and is business savvy and smart enough after he wins to protect the rights of union workers - he will have no problem getting re-elected.

  • lkjfldj

    I believe Vernon Hawkins committed wrongdoing. He walked around as though he was a Capo or something. Vince Gray's campaign had the feel of organized crime, no joke (but ironically in a sloppy way). Sweatsuits and baseball bats!!!

  • Bride of Kwame

    So because he walking around thinking he was Capo or something he is crooked?

    @Mahdi Tom Brown will still have to win the respect of the council. Its a vote, they have the power to vote down any and everything he wants to do and then say he has not done anything with the community.

    The people wont help you get your agenda across, thats why all these "challengers" are shooting themselves in the foot through all of this.

    No one is going to let you talk bad about them and in return support or help any initiatives you have