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Morning Clicks

OCF knew about Jeff Thompson's bundling since at least 2002, after John Ray dimed on him [Times]

Council passes huge education bill [Examiner]

SNL alum Ana Gasteyer friendly with D.C. Council alum Sharon Ambrose [Washingtonian]

Go away, red top meters [Post]

Given the choice between a Ferrari and an unpaid shadow senate post, Pete Ross picks the latter [Post]

Violent crimes slowing data show [Times]

  • Ward 3 Lady

    WoW, looks like OCF is crazy!!

  • ap

    The Ana Gasteyer link to the Washingtonian is not working properly.

  • Skinsfan83

    Sucks when your computer crashes and your inbox is filled with spam. I had to change my gmail account tsk tsk.

    Anyway it does not surprise me that OCF knew about the money. At the end of the day, they want the dollar to circulate in the district.

    But the more news that comes out the more it helps Orange because if OCF cleared his report, then he has done no wrong..

  • ebw