Loose Lips

Black Cat, Black Cat! At-Large D.C. Council Debate Tonight!

Looking for something to do tonight or a D.C. Council candidate to vote for in April 3's at-large Democratic primary? Then swing by the Black Cat for a Washington City Paper/WPFW debate!

Confirmed candidates are:

  • Sekou Biddle
  • E. Gail Anderson Holness
  • Vincent Orange
  • Peter Shapiro

Which is to say, all four of 'em. LL himself, Alan Suderman, will be joined as moderator by WPFW's D.C. Politics co-host Chuck Thies and NBC4's inimitable Tom Sherwood. But we'll also be taking questions from the public. To put yours in the mix, tweet it using the hashtag #LooseLips or email it to LLDebate@washingtoncitypaper.com.

Doors open at 8 p.m., the show—er, debate—gets going at 8:45 p.m. The Black Cat is located at 1811 14th St. NW. And remember: Please tip your bartenders!

  • Ward 3 Lady

    One of Sekou's workers put a sign in my yard after I told him not to. When I opened my door again I told him to take the sign out and he said "quiet lady, vote Biddle to get Orange's behind out of here"

    Sekou Biddle definitely lost a vote. And how dare you send workers to the homes of residents and display that type of professionalism...

    My neighbors will hear about this!

  • Non Liberal Democrat

    I am not voting for none of these losers. I will write in NONE OF THE ABOVE. The same applys to the Ward 4 candidates too. I am disgusted with the current D.C. Councilmembers and the losers running against them. There are good qualified people in D.C.to run for office. However, politics has become dirty and corrupt. The good candidates refuse to run because they don't want their names and family names dragged through the mud.

    Ward 4 Resident

  • Ward 3 Lady

    @NonLiberal I place blame on the "good candidates" that refuse to run because of their "names" & "family names". Those are the same people who drag those brave enough to run through the mud but are scared to do the same.

    Make complaints and take no initiative to make things right. So continue to complain and those who vote will make sure the person you HATE is back in office.

  • 1Deuce

    @NonLiberal Your point ignores some important things, if you are a "Good Candidate" there should be no substance to drag your name in mud about correct? But you highlighted that even the "good" ones have names dragged thru mud, therefore it takes a special person to deal with that, don't make excuses for cowards who don't want to run, or don't think the salary of a council member is worth the headache, if they believe that then they aren't a "Good Candidate" because their desire and passion is lacking, I applaud anyone who willing to take on the challenge,

    as far as my vote its for Orange, he is an attorney and cpa, experienced, unwavering and I can appreciate the way he immediately responded to his money order issue, he did hide like Thomas, Graham and Brown, neither is he under investigation

    Biddle is a handpicked puppet, bad judgement ie. Wilder and Marshall Brown (lets not forget), Shapiro knows nothing about DC politics, doesn't care enough to vote in DC elections, bailed in office in PG for money, and has ties to Jack Johnson which I don't understand why no one is speaking about

  • DC5

    Orange is a corporate goon and interested in his own future, not ours.

  • Bride of Kwame

    I attended the forum last night at the Black Cat.

    It seems as though Biddle, Shapiro, and Holness are more concerned with questioning Orange than explaining their background and what their plan is for the city.

    I was leaning toward Biddle, but Orange posed a question that he COMPLETELY did not answer and this rubbed me the wrong way. Orange asked since he was endorsed by the Post and they said he is the right guy for economic development and job creation, what economic development opportunities has he brough to the light for residents, and how many residents have received a job based off Biddle's work on the council for 4 months... Biddle replied talking about Education and NOTHING about the question.

    I also hated how Biddle would state the question again after the moderator asked him. We can hear and we know what the question is, now stop wasting our time and answer it.

    E Gail Holness seemed like she was there to carry the people through the forum. She had lots of jokes, comments that got the crowd "ohhhhhhhing and ahhhhhhhing" (spell check) however she brought absolutely no substance to the forum.

    She then had one question to ask, and she asked Biddle why did he think he should win? That sounds like a "Sulaimon Brown" type question.

    Shapiro was under Jack Johnson during his years in PG and he stepped down while have 2 years left in the gov't for a job at University of Maryland for student affairs.....Sounds really suspect to me.

    Also not to mention Shapiro did not vote in the past election. How can you be a leader for the people and you do not practice what you preach.

    As for Orange, they blew him up with multiple questions about the money orders and Thompson. Its sounds like a broken record as of this point. With the article coming out that OCF knew about Thompsons schemes dating back to 2002 makes me believe Orange isnt at fault and there is something REALLY STRANGE going on for OCF.

    Whats more disturbing is if OCF is wrong they have messed up a lot of campaigns due to their poor auditing skills. That is not the problem of the candidate running but of the system that is established.

    Orange was the only one who could honestly talk politics and educated the people on the underlying problems as to why certain things cant get done.

    I havent decided who I will vote for, but the Black Cat opened my eyes to a lot of gibber gabber that these candidates talk and lack substance

  • RealDC

    Biddle is an idiot. He has an opportunity to beat Orange but he is an one trick pony, education, education, education and he is not that good at education. What did he do for education while he was on the council?

    Orange has his baggage but he can deliver the bacon. Biddle is in a BUBBLE!! No clue.

    Orange by 10 points. Can Biddle beat Shapiro?

  • Bride of Kwame

    @RealDC I agree, I am wondering if Biddle did not get the memo that his talents are more geared towards the school board instead of the council.

    Maybe he should work under Kaya Henderson instead of challenging others in the political arena. I think he would do great things there