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Spox: No Thompson-Related Subpoenas for Atlanta Mayor

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed (Official photos)

We all know that the U.S. Attorney hasn't been shy in dumping subpoenas all over D.C. politics in search of records related to prolific giver of money orders Jeff Thompson. But what about outside of D.C.? Have the pols who have gotten Thompson money had to fork over their records? At least one says he hasn't.

LL was first to report that Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley's 2010 re-election campaign received 18 $4,000 checks on a single day. Three of those checks came from businesses and an individual specifically named in the grand jury's subpoena to D.C. pols: Details International, Belle International, and Jeanne Harris. Harris is a longtime associate of Thompson; she owns Details and Belle. Her house was raided by the feds a few weeks ago.

O'Malley's spokeswoman has referred questions about the campaign to his private fundraiser, Colleen Martin-Lauer, who hasn't returned calls seeking comment.

Thompson's accounting firm has an office in Bowie, as well as one in Atlanta. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed's spokeswoman, Sonji Jacobs, says neither Reed nor his campaign have received "any communication of any kind" from the feds.

Reed received lots of  money from Thompson and those connected to him in Atlanta's 2009 mayoral general election and runoff, which Reed won. LL counts at least $40,000 in donations from Thompson, his companies, their employees, relatives of their employees, and so on.

The donations to Reed include almost all of the businesses or entities named on the feds' subpoenas to DC pols, including: $3,600 from Thompson himself; $1,200 each from Michael Cobb and Ralph Bazilio, partners at Thompson's accounting firm; $3,600 from Harris; $3,600 from Details; $3,600 from Belle, and $1,200 from Audrey Albert, who has signed checks on behalf of Details and Belle. Unfortunately, Atlanta's campaign finance forms don't require candidates to indicate whether the donations were made as money orders.

LL's now working on federal candidates who've received money from those named in the subpoenas and will post if he finds anything interesting.

  • Typical DC BS

    Wonder why there has been no news of corruption lately in Maryland. You could spend a career going after the scammers in Maryland state and local government.

  • I Hate DC

    Hmmmmm. maybe because the only dummies who think this is corrupt is DC!

  • InIt2WinIt

    LOL, I hate, I think you are right.

    This is the most bass ackward city I've encountered. I thought Mississippi was bad.

  • Anti-DC

    Yes, so that means LL and WaPo will call all these politicians crooked and demand their records huh... OH DC you do not surprise me one bit....

  • watchingtoo

    Wait a minute! Isn't Eric Holder the US Attorney appointed by Pres. Obama. If that is true, why are they going after black politicians when they are black their-selves?

    Oh well, I guess blacks just can't help their-selves.

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