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Morning Clicks

Washington Post editorial endorsements: At-large: Sekou Biddle; Ward 2: Jack Evans; Ward 4: Muriel Bowser; Ward 7: Tom Brown & Ron Moten; Ward 8: Jacque Patterson. [Post]

The Post has more deets about Jeff Thompson's fishy money order donations [Post]

The Times reminds that there's something fishy with donations from a Thompson-linked company [Times]

Thompson's accounting partners says firm standing strong [Informer]

Congress screwing around with D.C. lucrative commercial real estate market [Post]

Early voting starts today [DCBOEE]

Canadian displeased that Marion Barry didn't show up to City Paper/WPFW debate [Winnipeg Free Press]

  • I Hate DC

    Its safe to say the Washington Post is losing their juice. The past couple elections their choices have been horrible. This year proves me right. And why in the hell did they not include Ward 5?

  • Skrilla Dilla

    HA! Yvette Alexander must be mortified to read the Post (IF she reads the post) - Ron Moten over Yvette? I mean, it's true that she's useless, but Moten??

  • http://twitter.com/kcivey KCIvey

    I Hate DC, presumably the Post will endorse in the Ward 5 special election in a month or so. These endorsements are for the April 3 primary. The special election is May 15.

    Skrilla, the Post endorsed Moten over Don Folden, not over Yvette. The Moten endorsement was for the Republican primary. The Post endorsed Tom Brown over Yvette in the Democratic primary. We'll have to wait to see who gets endorsed for November.

  • Skrilla Dilla

    Yeah, I know KCIvey. Still funny that he gets more press than useless Yvette. I'm under no impression that The Post will actually end up endorsing Ron for the seat in the general election...

  • Mike Madden

    The Ward 5 election isn't for another five weeks after the primary.

  • http://www.anthonylorenzo.com Anthony Lorenzo

    Not to knock Tom Brown, who I actually like. What if it came down to Yvette Alexander vs. Ron Moten?

  • I Hate DC

    If it came down to Yvette vs. Ron Moten Yvette will win. Moten is too much of a loose cannon to represent the ward.

  • DC Res

    I hate DC: you think Ivette is better than Moten? really?

  • cminus

    If it came down to Yvette Alexander vs. Ron Moten, it would be like Alien vs. Predator -- "No matter who wins, we lose."

  • I Hate DC

    @DCRes im not saying who is better, what I am saying is that is Ron Moten the professional politician that you want to represent Ward 7? Can Ron Moten sit amongst the top dogs and close a deal for Ward 7........

    I can't answer that, but if your going to replace someone who has years in the field, you might want to replace someone who will improve the way of life and the respect level for Ward 7..

  • SaveWard7

    The Editors of the Washington Post could not find Ward 7 if their lives depended on it. An endorsement for Brown (not sure exactly where he lives, and just popped up overnight - from Ward 8) and we are suppose to say "Ahh soo good", I think not. I have no respect for either endorsements nor for the individuals. Moten represents all of the negative things that people want to see come from Ward 7. Brown is not trust worthy.