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Money Talks

The March 10th campaign finance reports are in. With exactly three weeks to go before the election, here's a quick look at some of the money totals:

  • Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's campaign raised a respectable $57,000 this last report, but spent $59,000.
  • Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander has $18,000 going into the home stretch.
  • Both Barry and Alexander likely (not everyone has their reports in yet) have more cash to spend in these next three weeks than their challengers, but not by huge margins.
  • In the at-large race, the cash on hand totals are: Councilmember Vincent Orange: $114,000; Sekou Biddle: $42,000; Peter Shapiro: $82,000 (he loaned himself $50,000); E. Gail Anderson Holness as $2,300
  • Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser has $217,000 left to burn through on this race, or maybe she can find another race to spend it on...
  • In the Ward 5 special election, Kenyan McDuffie led all comers with a $30,000 haul this last cycle.
  • Shadow Senator Michael D. Brown is $320 in the hole at the moment. His self-financed opponent Pete Ross has $55,000 left to burn.

That's all for the big numbers. LL will try and start digging for obvious bundling/suspicious money orders when he gets a chance.

  • Skipper

    Typical Barry - Spend more of other people's money than he has.

  • Fan of NE Leadership

    Thank you for mentioning Ward 5 but you didn't mention how much the candidates have on hand. Drew Hubbard raised 26k and Delano Hunter also raised 15k. As for cash on hand going into the next month Hubbard has 23K, McDuffie has 21k and Hunter 15k. This should be a good raise considering that none of these candidates loaned their selves money to get to this point.

  • RG3ForMe

    So Orange turned in the money orders, what will people say now? He still has triple the money that everyone else has so clearly the other candidates aren't doing a good job raising money. Welp...so long Jeff Thompson

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Fan of NE Leadership: Since McDuffie has built a strong grassroots network and campaign apparatus, but Hubbard hasn't, I'd say the fact that they're nearly even in COH isn't any kind of Hubbard advantage.

    Is your PAC still planning to jump in and dump money into his campaign? How many councilmembers besides Michael Brown are involved?

  • Eldon Pittman

    Marion Barry is an institution in DC. Good brother!

  • S ST NW

    Fan of NE Leadership: If u take a look to the Hubbard Cash Report u would see that most of his money came from out of DC, Michael Brwon, Council and from Other Wards and almost nothing from Ward 5. Otherwise, Im proud to say that most of Kenyan Mcduffie's money came from within Ward 5.

  • DC2+2

    Did Bowser come clean on her high phone bills? Is there an FOI request in for the phone records? Can somebody publish them?
    Why is she so stingy with her constituent service money?
    Voted to raise taxes on retirees?
    Introduced a bill to give Donattelli a tax abatement on his development project? He gives her a bundled donation to her campaign.
    Wilmot, lobbyst for Walmart, is on her re-election team. Ward 4 gets 2 Walmarts? Bundled money from the Wilmot tree is up in her campaign.
    Jeffrey Thompson has bundled money for her campaign.But she is reformist for ethics on the council.
    What's that smell? All of these items by theirselves are probably minor but when you keep a running tab, the smell becomes very strong and that's not cheese you smell.

    Is she using her campaign office on Georgia Ave? Her posters are plastered on the windows but one of supporters said it is just a front, not really used for anything, just a billboard for her picture and signs. What's the rent on that space? Who owns that building? I know its her campaign money and she can spend like she chooses. But she is not taking this election serious and she is not taking the people of 4 serious. Arrogant and out of touch is good description. BTW- Gray used it for his ward 4 office. How much did he pay? But his folks did use it? They partied their too? Bowser is using it as one big yard sign, hmmm, maybe she is counting that as a new business on Georgia Avenue.

    End of the day, I don't know who to vote for. The incumbent is smelley, a little stench is blowing off of her. I do not think she is corrupt, yet, but she is not spring fresh, there is an odor around. A lot of questions around her votes and conduct are raising eyebrows. The other candidates are trying but they have no sizzle, yet.

    Ward 4 is waiting for a super hero, invigorate and inspire the people. Fix our schools, save Georgia Ave, get folks working, encourage local ownership, cut taxes, etc. Just fight for the people of 4 and don't forget you are the WARD 4 Councilmember!! Not an at-large member getting ready to run for chair or mayor. Focus on 4!!

  • NE John

    No matter what happens from here to election day, the same people holding office will be elected, and prejudiced reverend hunter will win ward 5. Sorry to say

  • Stop The Hypocrisy

    Interesting that IMGoph is so interested in Michael Brown's contribution to Drew Hubbard. As Drew's former boss, wouldn't it be more of a story if Brown DIDN'T support his former staffer? Also -- the fact that numerous current and former Council and DC government staff have chosen to contribute to Drew's campaign is a testament to his ability to work with people. I am one of those people and can personally speak to Drew's understanding of government policy and process.

    Also -- no snarky comment about Deputy Mayor Paul Quander's contribution to McDuffie?? Same old hypocrital BS as usual from the "progressives."

  • drez

    Quander is not a member of the DC Council.. IMO it is interesting that one sitting councilmember would contribute to the campaign of someone seeking to join that same body. Can you imagine Jack contributing to Muriel's reelection campaign, or Yvette Contributing to Marion's?
    It just looks bad.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Amen, drez. I guess the fact that the executive and legislative are different branches is something that didn't occur to our friend here.

    It's funny that Stop The Hypocrisy (funny nom de plume, eh?) fails to mention is that Hubbard pitches himself as "progressive," so why would he/she decide to mock progressives. Mocking the home team doesn't win you fans.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Stop The Hypocrisy: It would be hard to knock Kenyan for taking a donation from a former co-worker when he's actively campaigning on the fact that he used to work with this person.

    Hubbard worked for Marion Barry and Kwame Brown as well. Does the fact that neither directly donated to his campaign speak in an equal and opposite voice as Michael Brown's financial endorsement of him?

  • Stop The Hypocrisy

    Did it look bad when Councilmartyr Wells contributed to the Council campaigns of Jeff Smith or Bryan Weaver or Sekou Biddle? Or when he contributed to Harry Thomas' campaign in 2010??

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Stop The Hypocrisy: You didn't answer the question. We were talking about Hubbard and McDuffie. If you want to distract with tangential arguments, that's your prerogative. Answering the questions posed would make more sense.

  • Lisa Jackson

    At DC 2+2 why don't u visit Muriels coaugn office and volunteer it's open 7 days a week. I know because I volunteer there at least 2-3 times a week as do many ward 4 residents. And u can likely find out what her rent is by viewing her filed report.

    Maybe u should join other residents and volunteer.

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  • Anonymous, Too

    " Can you imagine Jack contributing to Muriel's reelection campaign..."

    ...of course not, he doesn't owe her didly squat.

  • InIt2WinIt

    That was an interesting question surrounding Councilbafoon Wells.

  • DC2+2

    @Lisa jackson- just stop by Muriel's "coaugn" office. Uh, nobody's in? Like I said its just a billboard!!

  • NE Maryland Ave

    Kenyan Mcduffie got the endorsement 87% of the votes from DC for DEmocracy yesterday. Go kenyan. Congratulations.

  • Ward 5

    How big is DC for Democracy. If the Ward Five straw poll means anything at all, it did not appear many residents came out to overwhelming support any one candidate. I don't believe polls tell the story or endorsements....look at the Washington Post. The entire council needs to be disbanded and replaced with some new members...DC doesn't have much power anyway and until the house is cleaned it won't.

    Not really sure how much difference its going to make with who wins.

  • Ward 5

    Fan of NE DC...I agree with your comment...How much do they have on hand?


    Delano Hunter or Kenyan for Ward 5. I am a Ward 5 resident and I want and need change.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    TRUTH: If you're saying that Kenyan and Delano are the front-runners in the election, I'd agree with you, but if you're saying that you'd choose either one, I'd like to know if you could elaborate on that a little more. There are some pretty significant differences between their stances on things (the obvious being how they felt and continue to feel about same-sex marriage). What's keeping you undecided at this point?